Green is CoolEnvironmentIrresponsible emitting chemicals from Chinese textile factories threatens our kids

Irresponsible emitting chemicals from Chinese textile factories threatens our kids

Apr.04.2020 266 view review
Chinese irresponsible emitting chemicals

The south-eastern coast in China is extremely polluted with toxic chemicals that are emitting from textile factories. The total amount of these emissions reaches forty million tons annually.

Ocean currents spread these chemicals across the globe causing widespread polluting. The environment suffers from such emissions but there’s another danger on the way.

Those chemicals are used to produce cheap and low-quality clothing. Most of those chemicals can cause several health issues. Those clothing items are distributed in European and North American countries not to mention China and Indonesia.

Kids are the most exposed to this threat because their immune systems can’t protect themselves from such chemicals which are very hazardous even for adults. This clothing can literally poison a carrier. Chemicals can damage hormonal levels and the development of immune and nervous systems. Some of those chemicals are considered carcinogenic substances.

Such a form of the Chinese textile industry is a global threat while the emission of toxins and plastic waste in the oceans is not regulated by the Chinese government. Banning such toxic and hazardous chemicals is the only way to make the textile industry safer for the environment and people.

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