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Is Wrapping Paper Recyclable?

Aug.03.2020 251 view review
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When the time comes, we wrap everything we see around in bright, sparkly, and beautiful wrapping paper, trying to amaze and please our relatives and close ones.

Christmas, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, and many other celebrations imply gifts, congratulations, and congratulation cards. Which in turn, imply extensive usage of wrapping paper, ribbons, glitters, tape, and stripes.

Such decoration turns simple, easy-to-recycle wrapping paper into something that is beyond description. If you’re reading this article, most likely you’re concerned about the state of our environment and want to know how to reduce the amount of domestic wastage and unrecyclable litter.

When celebrations are round the corner, an eco-conscious person asks himself – should I use wrapping paper and tape or not? And it’s a reasonable question. Such domestic wastage as food film, tin foil, and plastic disposable packages seriously damage the environment, just as some varieties of wrapping paper do.

Some varieties of wrapping paper cannot be recycled

how to recycle the wrapping paper

Originally, wrapping paper consists of already recycled paper or cardboard. Wrapping paper decomposes easily leaving nothing behind. So, a plain, rough, and naturally-looking wrapping paper could be recycled together with the rest of the paper wastage.

But some varieties of wrapping paper cannot be recycled. Wrapping paper that includes tape glitters which are made of the lowest-quality plastic, ribbons, fabric strips, and other impure elements cannot be recycled together with «neutral» wrapping paper and the rest of the paper wastage.

That’s because these decoration elements damage and mess recycling machinery. Recyclable material should be homogeneous and easily manageable to provide a fast and smooth recycling process.

the way to reduce paper wastage

Sometimes it is hard to differentiate recyclable and nonrecyclable wrapping paper but we can share one simple yet useful tip with you – take a piece of your wrapping paper in hand and crumple it. If the crumpled paper will remain balled up – you can recycle it, if not – throw it in a trash bin with no remorse and try not to buy similar paper in the future.

If you want to beautifully and aesthetically decorate your gifts – use natural wrapping paper, regular paper sheets, brown or white ones. Lash up boxes with twine and don’t use glitters and synthetic stripes.

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