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It is possible that the sea level will rise by 20 feet in the future

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The climate crisis is much more serious than we think. It is known that emissions of greenhouse gas have led to overheating of the Earth’s atmosphere, causing extreme weather conditions. But the bigger problem is that the superheated atmosphere leads to overheating of the oceans, providing a catastrophic rise in sea levels in the future.

As the oceans warm, the water rises and as a result, the average sea level on the planet will rise at least by 20-30 feet in the future. And that’s enough to immerse most of the many seaside cities.

The question is how quickly the sea level will increase and whether humans can cool the atmosphere as well as oceans fast enough to prevent it. If sea levels rise 20 feet over the next 2,000 years, the future generation may find a way to adapt. But if sea levels rise 20 feet or more over the next 100 to 200 years, which is more likely to happen, the prospects are sad.

Even a two to three-foot rise in sea level will change human societies around the world. In China, India, Egypt and other countries that have large river deltas, it will lead to the evacuation of millions of people and the loss of agricultural land.

Since the industrial revolution happened 250 years ago, the amount of CO 2 in the atmosphere has increased. And to decrease future sea-level rise, we need to reduce this amount. Namely, to transfer the economy from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, as well as to end deforestation, to switch to environmentally friendly agriculture by planting forests. But even if we succeed on this, the atmosphere will not stop heating up.

The thing is that over 93% of the warming has transferred to the oceans and warmed significantly at the upper 2000 feet. This is accelerating the melting of icebergs and rising sea levels. And this will continue for centuries.

That is why it is important to turn to renewable energy sources, stop burning fuels, and develop technologies to remove CO 2 from the sky and the seas.

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