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It turned out that the paper bottle had a plastic bottle inside

Apr.16.2021 250 view review
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Earlier this month, a cosmetics brand named Innisfree faced criticism for its, seemed from the first sight, eco-friendly bottle made from paper. There is a text written on the bottle: “Hello, I am a paper bottle.” But it turned out that there is a second plastic bottle inside. Soon, angry comments from disappointed customers began to appear on Facebook. When they found a plastic bottle inside, they filed a complaint with the brand.

After numerous criticisms in South Korea, the company commented on the situation and explained that the text only refers to the paper wrapper around a plastic bottle. “This product is called a paper bottle to make it easier to explain the role of paper wrappers”- said the firm representatives. It was added that they understand that the entire container can be recognized as paper material because of the product name. So, now they will try to provide more accurate information.

However, the plastic bottle inside uses 51.8% less plastic than the traditional one. Both the paper bottle and the plastic container can be disposed of after use. Although there are recycling instructions on the packaging of the plastic and paper bottle, not everyone was convinced by this explanation. Many of those who chose this product was trying to reduce their environmental impact, and now they feel misguided.

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