Green is CoolNatureIt turns out agriculture also suffers from climate change

It turns out agriculture also suffers from climate change

Apr.20.2021 182 view review

It seems that farmers can adapt to everything, but even they are now at high risk due to climate change. The factors like heat and water threaten the economy of farms and agricultural communities.

Agriculture can be truly efficient if it has the right policies, purposes, and resources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to future climate results. This in order will help generate new income for the agricultural economy.

Agriculture currently accounts for about 10 percent of total US greenhouse gas emissions. About one-third of US methane emissions, which is warmer than carbon dioxide and a crucial factor in the rate of global warming in the near future, come from the livestock sector. Improved compost management could dramatically reduce livestock methane emissions.

Maintaining and enhancing plants in fields and forests is another great way to avoid new emissions. Many of these natural climate solutions also provide soil health, make water clearer, and keep farms and surrounding communities restored. The opportunities are real, but farmers need advice, as well as technical and financial support.

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