Green is CoolClimateEverything You Need to Know about Joe Biden on Climate Change and Carbon Tax

Everything You Need to Know about Joe Biden on Climate Change and Carbon Tax

Apr.21.2021 360 view review
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One of the biggest problems we are currently facing around the entire globe is that of climate change and global warming, and as the fear of the destruction of our world comes into reality we are all expecting great things and great change to the actions and behaviors we have seen up to date. When Joe Biden was elected for presidency one of the biggest reasons for his power was the promise of the change he could bring to climate change and preservation strategies. Biden climate change endeavors are expected to bring about huge changes and the expectations of the population are high, but what does Biden actually plan to do with his new elected power?


When Joe Biden signed up to become the next president of the United State of America, he did so with the hope of being able to reverse prior decisions made on climate change and create new ones that he thought would be for the betterment of the planet. Watching Biden on climate change has been rather interesting and some of the decisions he has made have obviously been long-planned and thought out because of the pace of immediacy that these events occurred in. Whilst most of us understand what climate change is and how it’s affecting us, we don’t always see exactly how it is being dealt with on a larger scale than just the reduction, reusing, and recycling we do at home. Biden climate strategy promises big change and a hope of an almost reversal effect and here how he plans on doing so and what he has already done to combat the global problem and threat we are currently facing.


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On the day of his inauguration, Biden signed documentation to allow his entire team to reassess the social cost of carbon in order to search for an environmental justice plan that will both be beneficial for the economy and the environment most importantly. Joe Biden plans on creating something known as the ‘Clean Energy Revolution’ in which he plans to address the issue of climate change head-on and resolve the problem for future generations. Joe Biden change in climate path consists of:

Ensuring the US achieves a 100 percent clean economy by the end of 2050

Biden plans n making a huge investment into clean energy resources and climate change resources and initiatives in which he plans to institute these ideas into regions that have been most affected by climate change first and eventually through the continent until the entire country is completely run in clean energy only, meaning no burning of fossil fuels and no transportation of coal.

To build a resilient nation

Biden also plans to revolutions everything from the buildings to the water sources in order to create an infrastructure that can withhold, reduce and prevent the rapid change in climate we are currently witnessing.

Envolve the rest of the world to follow in his climate change endeavors

As climate change is a global problem, Biden pledges to create allies in other countries in order to get them involved with the same scheme of action to save the planet from climate change and the destruction it brings along with it.

Stop power polluters

Biden will take action against the largest pollution creators and act against fossil fuel companies and those who are making a profit off of environmental polluting strategies.


Joe Biden’s mission since becoming the new president of the United States is to put a price on carbon. Now you may be thinking “how is the possible ? “ but it is! The carbon cost is determined by assessing how much damage a metric ton of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere has on the environment in the long run ( how much it will cost to rectify the damage caused by 1 metric ton of carbon released ). The Biden administration has since announced their findings and has stated that the social cost of crab is $51 per ton of carbon. Biden carbon tax is extremely important to action he plans on taking when it comes to climate change as this will allow them to create taxes on businesses that emit carbon into the atmosphere, this will not only slow down these businesses but also prevent further businesses from getting created and instead promote using carbon neutral and environmentally safe sources of energy and fuel.

President Bidens aim to reduce and possibly end the increasing line of climate change is not a new idea and has been circulating around the white house since 2010, however his mission is to take these findings and bring them into reality in a rapidly accelerating way in order to prevent it from getting any worse before it gets better. Since then he has been promoting and supporting all the innovation in research on carbon-neutral products, plastic alternatives, and eco-friendly renewable sources of energy that can be used in the replacement of fossil fuels and harmful polluters.

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