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Koalas will be considered as endangered species

Apr.19.2020 344 view review
koalas are endangered species

Logging, agricultural deforestation, and terrifying forest fires have shortened the koalas’ population by half.

Environmental activists have asked Australian government to consider koalas as endangered species. Koalas population has reduced by 60 percent during the last two decades.

This trend continues growing while the recent forest fires have killed around six thousand koalas more.

Environmental associations are trying to save koalas from extinction by protecting their natural habitats and zones where they live. Koalas were considered as endangered species in eastern Australian states back in 2012. Now koalas are under a serious threat and it is not known if this species will be saved.

Koalas are a national symbol of Australia and extinction of this species will be an irreplaceable loss. These stunning and harmless animals are beloved across the world and they’re one of the most essential parts of the Australian rainforest ecosystem.

Koalas became endangered species in only one decade. There was no threat from the side of poachers or hunters. But still, they could extinct now. This danger has been formed from numerous anthropogenic factors.

Recent forest fires which killed almost a billion wild animals are considered as anthropogenic catastrophe now. Global Warming and drought were the most possible reasons for such widespread fires.

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