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Lake in Turkey may hold clues to life on Mars

Mar.11.2021 203 view review
salda lake

While NASA is studying the surface of Mars, scientists are looking for signs of life of Mars using data collected on a lake in the southwestern part of Turkey. Lake Salda is a huge deposit of minerals and rocks. It is assumed that this is where a spaceship once landed but unfortunately was flooded with water.

The data collected from the lake will also help scientists search for traces of microbial life that may have survived in the sediments. “This could serve as a place similar to Mars where we can do research”- the scientists say. In 2019, a group of planetary scientists explored the lake’s shoreline. The researchers believe the sediments may have eroded from the hills that were formed by microbes. Scientists plan to compare sediments from lake Salda with carbonate minerals from carbon dioxide and water, which are an ingredient for life on Mars.

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