Green is CoolRecyclingLego Company ask its customers to resend them all unused Lego particles for recycling

Lego Company ask its customers to resend them all unused Lego particles for recycling

Apr.14.2020 363 view review

Lego Company has started a brand-new policy. All interested can pack unused Lego particles in a box and put Lego’s free-shipping label on it to recycle them.

Lego Company will receive and sort all parcels. All received details will be cleaned, renewed, and re-released. These re-released constructors will be sent to children in need.

Lego will do two things at once: help the ones in need and reduce plastic pollution.

Lego’s constructors are made of very solid and thick plastic parts. They have been very hard to decompose due to their structure. The first Lego sets were released in the 1980s and some of their particles can be found in nature today. And they will be there for the next seven centuries or more.

Plastic particles can cause huge harm for the environment. Lego figures fall into micro-plastic particles with time. They enter our water supplies, soil, food and even seafood.

Another risk lies in the swallowing of Lego particles by marine creatures. Plastic often looks like food for marine creatures. Its swallowing can lead to a horrible death from starvation or internal injuries.

This charity program was developed three years ago. People’s requests were the main reason for such a generous and progressive decision. Many people asked the heads of a company: what should they do with unused Lego constructors?

This option is the best decision of this problem and will provide the full recycling of unused plastic particles. Lego’s company is looking for alternatives to plastic now.

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