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Leonardo DiCaprio Raises Two Million Dollars to Save Mountain Gorillas

May.29.2020 276 view review
Leonardo DiCaprio helps to save gorillas

Mountain gorillas are endangered species whose survival is under a big question. Poachers and agriculture expansion takeaway gorillas’ natural habitat zones.

Leonardo DiCaprio raises two million dollars to support the National Park of Virunga. The National Park of Virunga is the oldest and the most biologically diverse nature reserve in Africa.

Hundreds of endangered species live here but now the Virunga reserve faces an unbearable crisis. Global Warming, poaching, and local militia put under question the very existence of the park.

Earth Alliance, which is a noncommercial organization, stands for the wildlife’s protection and preservation of survived species. Earth Alliance’s co-founder, Leonardo DiCaprio, had announced that the Virunga fund will be established soon and had asked for help to raise funds.

Two million dollars is a necessary amount to open the fund which will support the National Park of Virunga. Thirteen rangers were killed by the armed militia last month and Virunga fund will support affected families.

Now the park faces another crisis – Ebola, and COVID19 along with militia attacks tearing the park apart. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the not indifferent persons and we hope that his call will be heard.

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