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Make your phone eco-friendly by following 5 useful habits

Apr.21.2021 217 view review

Today, it’s difficult to imagine a life without a phone and applications for all your demands. Smartphones are responsible for 154 pounds of carbon emissions, which is more than the impact of laptops, for example. And personally, you are responsible for the emissions of almost 3,550 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

A lot of companies are already trying to do their best to control the waste and carbon footprint of smartphones. But there is a lot you can do. Use these five useful habits.

Buy eco-friendly cell phone cases

According to statistics, over 1.5 billion mobile phone cases are thrown away every year. And more than 37,000 tons of plastic trash is accumulating- and that’s not counting other plastic electronics accessories.

Buy a charger made from recycled materials

Portable chargers are necessary when you use your smartphone all day long. Eco-friendly chargers will help control the problem of plastic waste.

When buying a new phone, dispose of the previous one

When you upgrade your mobile phone, try to dispose of the existing one. But never throw it in the trash bean. More than 152 million phones are dumped every year.

Buy a repaired phone instead of searching for a new one

Consider supporting the lifecycle of the recycled phones. Usually, used phones can be bought directly from a service provider or a phone company.

Use your phone less often

According to a recent study, 36 percent of people check their phones all the time. So one way to make your phone better for the planet is to get rid of your phone usage habits. In addition, your health will be better if you spend less time staring at the screen.

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