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Mars still has water reserves but below the surface

Mar.22.2021 197 view review

According to data, a billion years ago Mars, or the another-called Red planet was bluer than it is now. Moreover, in its lakes and oceans was enough water to cover the entire planet with an ocean that would be equal to half of the Atlantic Ocean of Earth.

Although small amounts of water have been found frozen in Mars’ polar ice caps, scientists have previously assumed that the rest of the water on Mars escaped into space. And while some water did leave Mars, a new study from NASA claims that a large amount of water is still on the planet but under its crust.

The researchers used data from rovers, also studying and analyzing meteorites to find out the exact amount of water that was originally on the planet and its further loss. One of the ways to do this was to investigate the hydrogen levels in the planet’s atmosphere and rocks. The thing is when water and rock combine together, a process called “chemical weathering” can occur. It forms clays and other water minerals that include water as an element of their mineral formation.

But while Mars still contains 30 to 99 percent of the water trapped in its crust, scientists warn that future astronauts will have a hard time getting water.

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