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Massive Methane Leak in Antarctica Threats the World with Global Warming

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methane leak in Antarctica

Our planet had changed numerous times before it became what it is today. Continents were moving towards each other for millions of years, our planet had experienced extremely low and high temperatures was covered with layers of lava and ice and had witnessed the birth of life and evolution of the first bacterium.

Since everything changes, we live in a totally different world now, but some echoes from the past remind us that we’re not the first dominant species on the Earth. Dinosaurs had ruled the world for tens of millions of years, living in warm and abundant flora and fauna climate until a global catastrophic event had wiped out their entire population.

Their remains as well as the remains of flora and fauna are buried deep below the Earth’s surface. But now they’re starting to break out through the Antarctic ice shields.

Ten years ago a group of polar scientists had found a methane leak in Antarctica. Millions of years of long continuous decaying of the remains of Jurassic and Cretaceous periods had created unimaginable numbers of methane and other gases which are locked under the Antarctic ice shields. But now the Antarctic melts and once buried methane reserves are breaking out.

Such leaks threaten the world with the extreme fastening of the Global Warming process. Methane is twenty times more dangerous than CO2 and heats the Earth eighty times faster than carbon dioxide does.

The worst part is, that nobody knows how much methane is hidden under Antarctica’s coat and how fast it releases. Scientists are not sure how methane reserves will behave – will it be a continuous and long leaking or a one-time horrific explosion?

There’s a lot of methane in the Earth’s atmosphere

the danger of methane

One thing for certain – there’s a lot of methane in the Earth’s atmosphere right now and the leak of methane reserves of a whole Jurassic period isn’t something our planet needs right now. Earth’s atmosphere keeps all released methane that heats our planet and creates a greenhouse effect. Global Warming has already caused numerous irreversible processes and methane significantly worsens the environmental situation all around the globe.

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