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Microsoft’s supervisory board losses Bill Gates

Apr.26.2020 325 view review
Bill Gates is generous philanthropist

Bill Gates announced that he’s leaving Microsoft’s Supervisory board and Berkshire Hathaway in his recent interview.

Bill Gates’s philanthropic activities such as the leadership of his charitable foundation and participation in the protection of the environment are the reasons for such radical moves.

He has said that now he will be able to pay attention to such world problems as global warming, overconsumption, meat industry, and carbon dioxide emissions.

Bill Gates is known as a great and generous philanthropist. Our planet will benefit a lot due to his decision. He admits that Microsoft plays a huge role in his life and he hopes that he will be able to pay attention to his former companies.

We all know that there’s nothing more important than our planet and increased interest in preserving the environment and saving life species along with the planet’s ecology gives us hope.

Bill Gates has shared his admiration towards plant-based meat. Maybe it will be his next project to develop?

The tenth part of all carbon dioxide emissions comes from the meat production industry. That sector of the world economy is one of the most exposed to changes.

There’s a lot of work to do for philanthropists like Bill Gates and all the fascinated people around the world. Today’s state of the planet can sow doubts about the future of humanity on this planet.

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