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Mobile Vertical Farms Can Turn Over the Traditional Farming

Jun.26.2020 365 view review
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American company Babylon has developed an innovative and promising module that allows growing vast amounts of greens in small areas. Babylon mobile vertical farm can be installed at any place giving the opportunity to grow fresh production within city limits and in buildings.

Vertical farms have proved themselves to be much more effective than regular farms. One vertical farm which occupies an area of one and a half square meters can produce the same amount of greens as a one hundred and eighty square meters farm.

Vertical farms characteristics make it possible to grow plant-based products near distribution points which will benefit our environment a lot. Such local farming will help to avoid unnecessary emissions of exhaust gases and transportation expenses as well it will provide fresh and healthy products right to the distribution points.

Nearly a half of all grown production spoils before it gets to the customer causing irrational and unnecessary wastage

Rack-designed farms

Vertical farms can grow green during an entire year providing fresh and rich in vitamins and minerals greens during cold seasons.

Rack-designed farms could be placed within restaurants, living accommodations and could be used in large quantities within populated centers. Babylon Company provides its vertical farms on long-term charter while ensuring the supply with seeds, remote control, and constant analysis of crops’ growth.

Plants are grown with the use of hydroponic methods. This method excludes any use of soil but immerses seeds and plant roots into nutritious and enriched with nutrients aqueous solution. Babylon’s customers don’t need to go deep into agrarian thematic to collect and grow greens which is extremely suitable for small business entrepreneurs.

Babylon startup first launched its vertical farms in 2017 and now the demand for them grows rapidly. Babylon plans to launch big enterprises that will allow growing food products close to supermarkets, restaurants, business centers, food storage, and other facilities.

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