Green is CoolPollutionMore Than a Hundred Tons of Oil Were Spilled Near Mauritius Island

More Than a Hundred Tons of Oil Were Spilled Near Mauritius Island

Aug.17.2020 263 view review
coral reef is under threat of extinction

Another natural disaster threatens the existence of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean. A Japanese tanker was crash-landed onto coral reefs near Mauritius Island.

The tanker crashed near the tourist area. It had carried more than four thousand tons of oil and now, a quarter of that amount has entered the open waters. This event took place on the 25th of May and now several measures were taken in order to reduce the environmental harm of this disaster.

And the consequences of this leakage could be really disastrous. Oil can kill all living forms in the whole area of the leakage and emitted oil will spread across wide areas with the current if not extracted.

Since this tanker has crashed onto a coral reef, Mauritius coral reefs are already damaged. Further contamination can destroy all existing reefs across Mauritius whose are worldwide-famous for their beauty and the number of rare marine species that live and exist in the reef’s structure.

Natural anthropogenic disaster

disaster near Mauritius

The local population builds handmade barriers out of a straw while the French emergency crews, along with Japanese specialists are trying to prevent further contamination and extract all spilled oil from the ocean waters. There is a danger that a ship could break in half, releasing all stored oil into the water.

Mauritius Island is a small recreational community and it is not able to cope with the current crisis without outer help. The Mauritius Crash is another natural anthropogenic disaster that can cause irreversible damage to a once safe and pristine, but now contaminated tropical paradise.

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