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most green countries

In this new era, we live in ways to help save the environment have been praised, and have bought new awareness towards those countries who have chosen to follow rules, ideas, and conservations programs that will ultimately contribute towards the saving of our environment. Some of the most eco-friendly countries have created unique ways to fight the global effects of global warming and in turn climate change that has been harshly damaged by mankind in the last decades. Environmentally friendly countries are those who have actively aimed and are aiming to reserve the effects of environmental harm as well as bring awareness to its citizens, bringing a much-needed change in the mindset and actions of human behavior.


Some of the greenest countries include France, who have put an act in place with the goal of achieving a greener more sustainable country by ultimately trying to limit the overall dependence on energy, they have introduced ways of replacing wasteful energy with renewable sources in an attempt to decrease the burning of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, and pollution. The French government is also strongly encouraging its citizens to take part in the development of most sustainable forms of transport such as electric cars and household appliances. Another country that is strongly looked up to for its eco-friendly endeavors is Denmark. Denmark has one of the cleanest water resources in the world and this is because of its smart waste protection act. Denmark is also home to the power plant known as Copen Hill which converts waste into clean energy providing power to thousands of households within the area, a very useful and sustainable way of repurposing energy. The use of electric transport in major cities and well the majority bike riding community is what truly makes Denmark one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world and by pure definition a leading example for its neighbors.


The world’s most eco-friendly country is no other than the European picture-perfect scene, Switzerland. Switzerland ranks number one and is the leading country in showcasing change and has also been an example that has been followed by many other countries looking to achieve similar outcomes. There are many reasons why Switzerland is one of the greenest countries, these include its encouragement towards its citizens for the use of renewable resources including energy consumption, renewable energy resources, and the emphasis on reusing and recycling in an attempt to further decrease the percentage of wasted energy that creates harm in its effect on the environment. As we speak the Swiss are actively building and researching ways to reduce their general population’s carbon footprint and reverse the impact of their total greenhouse gas emissions. They have also limited urban expansion and have taken charge of preserving natural habitats and nature as well as decreasing their overall population. All these efforts and acts are what makes Switzerland the most environmentally friendly country to date.


most environmental countries

Some more of the most environmental countries include


Sweden was one of the first countries to begin its efforts to save the environment. They have created alternate sources of energy to heat homes, which are now 80 percent renewable sources meaning it managed to largely decrease the overall number of greenhouse gas emissions. They have also put in place the use of trees as their main form of energy resources, meaning it is completely renewable and eco friendly. And if this wasn’t effective enough their public transport is also run on energy known as bio-gas which means it using waste (such as food scraps) and converts it into energy that powers all forms of public transpiration almost as if it were electric.


Austria who has taken a stricter approach in its means to save the environment is also one of the leading most eco-friendly countries in the world as it has strongly implemented the use of organic farming. By removing the use of chemical-based farming, pesticides, and fertilizers Austria has been able to manage their air pollution and waste contributions.


Yet another Scandinavian country making it onto the list is Finland. Finland has some of the cleanest natural water resources as well as one of the cleanest breathable airs in the world and this is because of its conservation protocols to eliminate unnecessary waste and national gas emissions. They have also put many strong plans in place to protect its natural forests and large spaces of Greenland which strongly adds to the cleanliness of the countries’ air.

As you can see there are many countries putting forward strong efforts to combat the environmental effect of global warming and man kinds contribution and one hopes that other countries will soon follow these effectively proven examples.

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