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Most Known Endangered Species

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lion, a rare and famous animal

Our planet Earth has thousands upon thousands of species from all different categories, some have been around forever, some are new and some are facing endangerment and the loss of entire species is occurring all over the world. These rare animals are being threatened by nature and humans and complete extinction is close approaching.

What does an Endangered species mean?

An endangered species is a species of animals or plants that are at risk of becoming extinct. These species are said to be at a threat of dying out within the near future. They can be anything from big wildlife animals like lions to fungus and trees and even humans are included. In order to list which species are endangered a lot of extensive research is done to find these rare animals and measure their conditions of life and overall chances of survival and then understanding how to protect them and their habitats to prevent extinction.

Most rare animals in the world

leopards popular animals

The entire animal kingdom is filled with species of all different natures, different colors, different ways of living, and surviving. Rare species are often unknown to most people, they may be categories derived from animals we know except for the fact that they are unique, unseen, and very few. The rarest animals include the Amur Leopard, with approximately only about sixty of these Leopards left in the entire world, the beautiful, rare creatures are facing a high risk of extinction. You can now only find them in the east of Russia where you will usually find them alone as there are so few that breeding becomes difficult. Another specie facing near extinction is the Hainan Gibbon, they are part of the ape group and there is only about twenty-eight or so of them left, which are now all located in a nature reserve on an island in the South of China. These are just a few of the rarest animals in the world and sadly there are many many more facing the same threat.

Endangered lions

endanger lion

The beautiful and commonly known Lions are amongst some of the most loved, most popular, and famous animals in the world. Most lions survive in the wild in Africa, they attract thousands of tourists each year but allowing a witness to these big beauties in their natural habitat has unfortunately led to their vulnerability. This is because of hunting, hunters are illegally killing lions and getting played to showcase them as trophies causing a massive loss in the number of lions in the wild who are now facing the real extinction. In fact, they are already extinct in twenty-six different countries in Africa. Climate change, diseases, and poaching are amongst some of the biggest causes for the endangerment of lions and we desperately need to act on these issues now if we want to ensure a future with Lions and the king of the kingdom.

Endangered insects

Yes, the little creatures we pay very little attention to are in danger too. Facing the same threat levels as any other species. There are over seven hundred endangered species of insects including the beautiful Jewel beetle that can be found in the UK. Finding all these species of insects is a lot more complicated then those in the wild as the human eye limits us from seeing the minuscule things around us. Insects although small and often go unnoticed are an extremely important part of our ecosystem and with each and every one playing a role in the way things work it will be detrimental to our planet to lose them. So try taking this into account before killing that irritating fly or bee (which in fact are in charge of the pollination of 3⁄4 of all our crops).

Endangered species- Tiger

Endangered species tiger

Another one of the rarest animals is the Tiger. The tiger, the most popular animal has too suffered the near threat of extinction. One of the greatest amounts of protection and action has been taken to protect them living in the wild. The endangered Tigers are predominantly based in Asia and India and although they are now stable there is still a massive risk of their complete and utter extinction. They are already extinct in ten different countries as a result of improper hunting and the use of them in Asian medicine. Their habitats are under threat too as more agricultural developments are taking over the land in which they call home.

Endangered marine animals

turtles, rare animals in the world

Not only those who live on land but also those who take home in our oceans are at risk. These animals include turtles, fish, and large endangered marine mammal. Due to overfishing and the human destruction of nature they are too facing the risk of extinction. Unfortunately, what happens in land affects what happens in the seas and vice verse. The largest living mammal on Earth is the Blue Whale, its population has decreased drastically due to commercial hunting, and it’s very sad to face the reality that this massive and important creature in the food chain may not have much longer. The plastic that is dumped into our oceans each year has risen astronomically which is also a major contributing factor to the extinction of undersea life.

What is the reason for endangered wildlife?

The rare animals in the world face extinction due to a number of factors. One of these includes the destruction of habitat, we humans are using the land in which they live and destroying it to build more infrastructure, homes, and roads. Cutting down trees and filling lakes and swamps for development is destroying the natural environment where these animals thrive, they do not know much else and thus have adapted to these particular surroundings that we are now removing at a rapid and increasing rate. Pollution, hunting, and overfishing are other reasons for the cause of endangerment, from the copious amounts of oil spills to the use of animals for clothes and food we are in fact THE cause for endangering wildlife.

Endangered species facts

In order to help this problem, we are facing it so it’s also important to understand a bit more about the animal kingdom as a whole. What is the rarest animal in the world? Currently, the rarest animal in the world is the Vaquita, with only ten left in the world they are facing complete extinction and are in critical danger of survival. What is the rarest animal in Africa? Africa is home to some of the most pivotal, beautiful but also endangered species in the world, the rarest animal being the Riverine Rabbit. Found in South Africa it is also one of the rarest animals in the world and is an important species in the ecosystem and yet has been critically endangered for the past seventeen years. Who is the most famous? So which one of the rare creatures is the most famous, among the tiger and whale the most famous endangered species is the Giant Panda, this star is used to help promote awareness of endangered species, with its cuteness and charm its an irresistible that captures the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

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