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top most polluted countries

Pollution is one of the biggest threats the sustainability of earth faces and has become a real issue is the causing and escalation of global warming and climate change. While there are many countries implanting measures to reduce this effect and reverse the impact of man kinds previous behaviors there are also many countries that are some of the top polluting countries in the world and these countries that pollute the most are often over-polluted and undeveloped and thus are facing harsher consequences and will inevitably face higher global warming implications in the future.


So what countries pollute the most? and what is making these the biggest polluting countries? Some of the world’s most polluted countries include Iraq. Iraq holds one of the highest recorded worst air pollutions of all countries. This does not only mean the air is dirty but also the quality of that air is worsened through such high levels of pollution. This pollution is a result of gas emissions from cars and fuel-based transportation, their large use of power generators, and the frequent occurrence of fires produced by oil and gas refineries. Along with all of these contributing factors comes one of the biggest issues Iraq faces when it comes to air pollution and that is war-induced pollution, because of the explosions and burning of military waste as a result of the many wars faced in Iraq, this type of pollution is the largest contributing factor to the current state of Iraq and its ability to remain one of the most polluted countries in the world.

Another one of the countries with the most pollution is Uzbekistan. The high pollution concentration seen in Uzbekistan’s air has resulted in one of the highest death rates directly relating to outdoor air pollution. This high pollution rate stems mostly from the countries’ inability to strongly maintain its water management as a result of their citizen’s strong use of chemicals in agricultural farming along with emissions from their various large factories and the frequent salt and dust storms Uzbekistan faces each year.


world most polluted countries

So which country produces the most pollution? The most polluting country in the world is Bangladesh. There are many reasons why Bangladesh is the most polluting country and a lot of it has to do with the fact that it is so populated and the high concentration of people in the small main cities means the overall population rate is bound to be greater. Not only do they have severe sir pollution but also water pollution, water contamination, noise pollution, and waste pollution. The largest source of air pollution comes from Bangladesh’s well-known brickmaking industry in which they employ around one million people and produce over 23 billion bricks each year. While brick making may sound like an innocent form of work and production in fact it is quite the opposite and this is because in order to make these bricks the burning of wood and coal is used. Through this massive amount of burning large amounts of dust and smoke are released into the air and its high concentration makes it have a devastating effect on the quality of the air and thus creating a country with severe air pollution and the biggest issue is that they are not taking any action to change the process in which they are brickmaking, instead are growing the industry which will, in turn, create a much higher level of air pollution for a country that is already the most polluted in the world.


Unfortunately, there are many other countries that are also some of the largest polluting countries and are not far behind Bangladesh’s severity. Some of the topmost polluted countries include


Following Bangladesh, Pakistan is the second most polluted country in the world and its air has been marked as unhealthy and in some cases even dangerous. In recent years Pakistan has highly increased the number of vehicles on its streets which have strongly contributed to the growing levels of pollution the country faces. Along with this Pakistan is known for the large scale cutting down of trees, burning of their garbage, and massive steel mills in which all contribute to their high levels of pollution. The citizens of Pakistan are not happy and as more and more air pollution diseases and deaths have occurred they have begun to blame their government in demand for change.


Afghanistan is known to be quite dangerous due to its wars but studies have shown that that is not the only danger one faces when entering Afghanistan, their high concentration of toxic pollution is a threat to citizens. Nearly all of the water in Afghanistan is polluted and is not drinkable and this is due to a combination of low yearly rainfall along with insufficient infrastructure. This has proved to be a huge problem that Afghanistan is facing as thousands of people are dying as a result.


which country produces the most pollution

India much like Bangladesh is largely populated strongly making it one of the countries with the most pollution. India also contains 21 out of 30 of the most polluted cities in the world and that is a very scary but real fact and a threat that the citizens of India are facing. Their high air pollution concentration comes from things such as vehicles on the road, burning of wood and coal, huge forest fires, and frequent dust storms along with a mass amount of people packed tightly together have resulted in thousands of citizens facing respiratory illnesses and even deaths. Another large factor that strongly affects India’s air pollution rate is the copious amounts of rural areas that seem to have been affected the worst as they rely strongly on burning wood cooking and heating. These high levels of pollution have caused India many many problems such as air traffic accidents, flight cancellations, closing schools and even changing the color of some of their greatest world-renowned monuments.


Indonesia also faces the severity of having a high air pollution concentration and has seen thousands of deaths directly related from old women to parents and even the youngest of children as it has become an increasingly devastating problem. This is a sad reality that citizens of Indonesia have to face as it wasn’t even a few decades ago that they had one of the cleanest airs in the world and now is the 6th most polluted country in the world.

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