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international butterfly day

National butterfly day or for many national learn about butterflies day is here to celebrate the time when butterflies begin to migrate from one place to another. During this time and especially on this day one can witness the range of different colors and species of butterflies moving across the sky in what seems to be a blur of color. International butterfly day aims to celebrate not only the beauty of butterflies but the importance they bring to nature as well as their survival state and what needs to be done to ensure their future on Earth is safe.


butterfly days

National butterfly day 2021 will be celebrated on the 14th of March as spring and summer become fast approaching seasons. Butterfly day is often celebrated in many countries of the world as nature enthusiasts come together to celebrate the wonders of this beautiful creature as well as bring awareness to others about their importance and how they actually help us to survive. As the butterfly population has begun to decrease as a result of habitat loss and climate change, this day has become of more importance than ever before, and your help is needed too!


learn about butterflies

Butterflies are amazing, intelligent, and extremely interesting creatures however most people do not know much about them. Here are some interesting facts that can help you learn and appreciate the importance of butterflies.

  • There are more than 20,000 different types of butterflies in the world.
  • A butterfly’s wing can range anywhere from ½ an inch to 11 inches.
  • Depending on the exact species of butterfly they can live anywhere from 1 week to a year.
  • When the seasons change butterflies tend to migrate extremely long distances sometimes even up to 3000 miles.
  • Butterflies, similar to bees are important pollinators and make it possible to obtain the fruits and vegetables we see and our grocery stores daily.
  • Butterflies rely on flowers as well as other natural resources for their survival.


Participating in national learn about butterflies day is a great way to come together with others, observe nature, learn and expand your knowledge as well as make a difference. There are many different ways that one can observe butterfly days and here are some examples that you can follow too.

national learn about butterflies day

Watch a documentary

There are some great and informative documentaries about butterflies out there, one of the greatest and most famous is “ Wings of Life” which is divorced by Louis Schwartzberg and even narrated by the famous actress Meryl Streep. In this documentary, you will learn everything about butterflies, their importance, and how they help us create a sustainable life on Earth, growing your knowledge is one of the best ways to observe national learn about butterflies day.

Plant flowers and plants

Growing your own flowers and native plant species is a great way to help butterflies as this provides them with the resources they need to survive.

Post on social media

By using the hashtag #LearnAboutButterfliesDay on your social media posts one can help to bring awareness to others on the subject matter as well as create greater acknowledgment of the current circumstances butterflies are facing today.

National learn about butterflies day is one of the greatest and most beautiful holidays to observe, we must remember that no matter how big or small a species is at the end of the day it is our actions that are ultimately responsible for their survival. Coming together, teaching others, and helping out on national butterfly day is an amazing way to stand up for the rights of animals.

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