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national hippo day 2021

Hippos are an animal extremely large in size, beautiful creatures who are a rarity. Hippos are in fact the world’s third-largest mammal and most definitely take their place in the animal kingdom. Hippos spend most of their time hidden inside of the water but can run out at an alarming rate at any given moment, making them one large threat and thus a reining character in and amongst the wildlife world. There is in fact an entire day dedicated to celebrating these beautiful creatures known as national hippo day in which we bring thoughts, praise, and joy towards the existence of the all-grand hippopotamus. We use this day to bring awareness to the animal, the threat it may be facing and to help engage others of their importance by showing and embracing all they bring to our planet.


national hippo day

National hippo day or happy hippo daycare is believed to have arisen was established during the year 2006 when hippos were first announced to be vulnerable and at risk for possible extinction. As a result of this hippos needed our help and support in order to save the remainder of their species and thus national hippo day was born. It is believed that hippos were first found in Africa around 8 million years ago, where experts were perplexed as to what type of species a hippo actually was. With their unique resemblance to both land and sea animals, they became an absolute wonder of the world. They had horse-like features but at the same time encompassed features found in aquatic mammals such as dolphins and whales and are too able to hold their breath underwater for long periods of time.


hippo world

Nowadays there are only two types of hippopotamus, however, there were many more species that could be seen across Europe and Madagascar just about one thousand years ago. However, in this current day and age, they are most commonly found in Zambia and Tanzania as well as in many parts of South Africa. For many many years, hippos remained completely native to Africa, with no importing or trading allowed, this was until a devastating incident when a man part of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel decided to illegally import four hippos to his very own private estate in Columbia. This was the start of many more incidences in similarity and established a starting point to the hippo decline seen in Africa. However, this import also allowed the hippo pollution in America to expand to over one hundred from zero. While this in some way may have been a positive thing, the way the hippos were treated and the inability to provide sufficient space and resources for the hippos led to some significant issues we still see today.

While the hippo population throughout America grew the population in Africa began to decline, the effects of drought led to habitat loss and lack of resources as well as the introduction of hippo poaching in which they were killed and hunted for the use of their meat and ivory.


happy hippo day care

In the hippo world there are a vast variety of skills, adaptations, and characteristics that make hippos as special as we make them out to be, some of these include

  • They are one of the largest mammals in the world.
  • The only thing bigger than a hippopotamus is elephants and rhinos, leaving them at one of the largest ranked land mammals alive. A fully grown male hippo can weigh up to 2000 kilograms.
  • Even with their extremely large styles, believe it or not, hippos can still run at an alarmingly fast rate, ranging at about 20mph, which is almost unheard of considering their size and weight.
  • Hippos are an aggressive species that are considered to be extremely dangerous due to their size, ability to run at the speed they do, and massive canine tusks. There have been many examples of hippos attacking boats and cars and as a result, many lives have been lost and so it is extremely important to enter hippos territory with the utmost care as well as the accompaniment of trained professionals.
  • Although hippos spend a lot of time hidden in the water they actually cannot swim or float, instead they stand on the bottom of the water where they fully or partially immerse themselves, sometimes not moving for hours.
  • They produce their own moisturizer and sunscreen by secretary an oily red substance that can be seen dripping from their skin.
  • Hippos’ eyes, nose, and ears can be found at the top of their head, meaning they still have the ability to see and breathe even while immersed underwater.
  • Hippos are most active during the night time, where they tend to graze and forage for food once the temperature has dropped.
  • Surprisingly hippos are actually herbivores and consume mainly grass, a lot of grass!


do you celebrate national hippo day

So how do you celebrate national hippo day? Hippo day is celebrated to embrace this massive and beautiful creature, its existence, its species past suffering and to draw attention to the conservation and protection protocols that need to take place in order to save the remainder of the hippo population. In Africa hippos are celebrated with tribal dances and sacrifices along with folk tales and ancient traditions, however, there are many ways that you can celebrate national hippo day too. Many people love to celebrate the existence of hippos by going to see one for themselves, taking a trip to the zoo, and admiring some hippos, giving donations towards their upkeep as well as learning about their abilities is a great way to embrace hippos and all their worth. If you’re really serious about animals taking a trip to places in Africa and going on a safari will most defiantly make you feel one on one with nature, observing them in their natural habitat and finding a new appreciation for their place in the world.

National hippo day 2021 is celebrated on 15 February and as you can see can be embraced by many no matter what part of the world you may live in, contribute to their protection, educate your family and friends, and treat yourself to a hippopotamus adventure.

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