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National Plant a Flower Day

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National plant a flower day comes around once a year at the perfect time where spring is about to come into bloom. This special flower day is celebrated each year in which it is completely dedicated to the act of planting flowers. From gardeners to botanists and everyone in between plant a flower day is extremely important as a way to bring in a new season. With each different season and different time of year comes a new species of flower that is able to bloom and grow, as a season begins to leave flowers associated with it begin to die down and new flowers take their place, for many, this is a beautiful thing in which people from young to old celebrate round the world.

Plant a Flower Day

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The flowers that are to come into bloom during the month of March and into springtime really all depends on the exact area and country you live in as well as the specific weather conditions, for many, these tend to be Marigolds and Daffodils which are considered the most common flower of the day, but its a great idea to check out what flower may be about to come into season in your area. For some people, national plant day means the beginning of creating a new garden and for others, it simply means obtaining what they already have with the addition of the specific flowers set to bloom during the spring months.

When Is Flower Day?

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National plant a flower day 2021 will be celebrated on the 12th of March just in time for Spring to arrive. On this day it is encouraged for everyone to plant flowers in an attempt to keep them blooming as they are an important part of nature that is often neglected. There are so many varieties of flower species and subspecies around the world, each with a unique look, adaptability, and growth needs, this is what makes them an emblem and a national emblem for many countries as there are usually meanings attached to each one. It is strongly encouraged to plant flowers in your personal garden, in public gardens, in schools, in open park areas as well as even indoors and that is why on national plant a flower day we observe and celebrate the act of planting flowers.

Plant a Flower

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Whilst for some people planting a flower is almost second nature, others may not even know where to begin, but in fact, it is actually one of the easiest tasks and just requires a little bit of patience and care. If you too wish to plant a flower a day on each national plant a flower day here is exactly how you can go about it. Firstly you can start growing your flower indoors especially if the weather is slightly cold or rainy. Your started seed can be planted into a pot and set aside next to a window that attracts a large amount of sun. Once the weather begins to get warmer you can move your already started seed outside and into your garden. Most gardening flowers come with specific instructions according to the exact flower and its needs, it is imperative that you follow these instructions correctly to make sure the proper germination of the seedling is met. One thing to keep in mind about planting a flower is the soil, the soil in which your seedling has been planted should be kept moist and hydrating but not wet.

How to Celebrate National Plant a Flower Day

If you would like to get involved in observing national plant a flower day, here are some ways to celebrate it. 

Plant a Flower

Number one of course is the act of planting a flower, this can be done in your home or your garden and may require getting a little bit dirty. 


Learning about different species of flowers especially those that grow in abundance where you live is a great way to observe national plant a flower day and can also help you with your own gardening adventures.

Visit Local Greenhouses and Gardening Centers

Most greenhouses stock large amounts of different flower species and are dedicated to maximizing their growth and teaching others about their unique qualities and beauty traits. Supporting greenhouses and garden centers near you is a great way to help the flower industry stay alive, ask as many questions as you like, and try and purchase all your flowers and gardening tools locally.

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