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international polar bear day 2021

The national polar bear day is celebrated all around the world in which people not only celebrate polar bears, their existence, and what they bring to the planet, but also provide awareness to others about the vulnerability they are facing as a result of climate change and global warming. Polar bear day 2021 is no different and in some ways one of the most important as we witness the effects of the rise in temperature coming into full swing. Polar bears are an important animal for the environment and the wildlife cycle as well as for mankind and thus we celebrate an animal that is so well known, loved, and adored across the globe on this very special and endearing day.


polar bear awareness

The national polar bear day also known as world polar bear day focuses mostly on learning more about the fascinating bears and how we can conserve the remainder of their population. Polar bears are extraordinary animals, large in size with a height of 9ft and a weight up to a whopping 1400 pounds! They are cold climate bears that can be found in areas f freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. These beautiful happy polar bears are white in color with large front paws that are webbed, allowing them to swim through the coldest of seas to reach their final destination. They are powerful animals able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, swimming hundreds of miles at a time and their feeding is only minimal. These bears are adapted so perfectly to their climate and even have a layer of fat underneath their fur which helps them to stay warm during freezing temperatures.


world polar bear day

The polar bear day is celebrated as a way of bringing awareness to the threats the entire species population is facing. Polar bear awareness was largely instituting by organizations and movements that strongly needed help and support from the population in order to put in place measures to save the polar bear population. The total number of polar bears is declining worldwide and as a result of global warming and climate change, the high increase in temperature has created many threats towards polar bears, changing their living conditions, habitats, food resources, and much much more. The more awareness is brought and the more people are educated on polar bears the easier it will be to help save, preserve and protect them and thus polar bear day is of high importance and is celebrated internationally in an attempt to get as many people on board as possible.


when is polar bear day

So exactly when is the polar bear day? International polar bear day 2021 will be celebrated on the 27th of February in which scientists, research, environmentalists, activists, and polar bear enthusiasts will come together, share information and knowledge, bring awareness to others and celebrate the polar bear’s existence. This day for many is extremely special as in many cases a lot of hard work, time and research has gone into creating plans and methods for saving the polar bears. The more we can share information and educate others on this day the better as it is the only way we will be able to see a dramatic increase in the polar bear population in the future.


So what can you do to celebrate polar bear day 2021? There are many ways and resources available that can help you educate yourself and others on the polar bear day, some of these include

Posting on social media

Using hashtags such as #nationalpolarbearday or #polarbearawareness on your social media platforms can help to reach others all over the world and bring awareness about the day and why it is happening. Posting educational writings, videos, and photos, as well as tagging organizations that are trying to help, is a great way to share with others and grow the community.

Educating yourself

Learning about polar bears, what they bring to earth, what can help them, why their population is declining, and so on is most probably one of the greatest things you can do on national polar bear day as expanding your knowledge will give you the ability to know where and what you can do to help within your own personal life, of course, you may be surprised with the information you find.

happy polar bear

Educate Others

Once you have educated yourself and gained further knowledge you can then begin to educate others too, by teaching what you have learned and giving them insight into polar bears and the environmental issues they are facing. Share the platforms you have found and show them information that they may have never thought existed will help them learn, change and spread awareness too.

Sign petitions

Signing petitions is a great way to do something constructive and helpful on the polar bear day. There are many petitions out there that help stop destructive processes that are harmful to polar bears such as construction and rubbish disposal that are contributing to their declining population.

Join movements and organizations

Join groups, movements, and organizations that are helping to save the polar bears is a great way to self contribute. Donating and supporting is a great way to help grow the movement, meaning it will have more chance of having a higher impact towards saving and protecting the remainder of the polar bear population.

As you can see there are many ways you can contribute to the polar bear day, make a difference and bring awareness to those around you. The more people on board the more likely positive results will be seen.

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