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Natural Gas Environmental Impact

Well is natural gas bad for the environment? We and our planet are facing many problems with natural gas emissions and their harsh and negative impact on our environment. natural gas is a fossil fuel however this gas emits less CO2 than that of oil and coal during combustion which may seem all good and well, however, it’s not this type of natural gas burning that scientists and researchers are concerned about. The problem we are facing with natural gas emissions comes from methane in which is said to be thirty-four times stronger than that of co2 emissions, the release of methane through extraction, transportation, and leakages is adding to our planets high-risk factors including pollution, global warming and climate change as a whole.

How Does Natural Gas Affect the Environment Negatively?

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There are many factors that determine the effect of natural gases on the environment, for example, greenhouse gas emissions, the period of time it emits, the energy conservation efficiency, the leakage rate, and many other factors too. But overall the effect of natural gas, global warming, and climate change are all linked and go hand in hand. Natural gases create a negative environmental impact by causing air pollution, land pollution, water pollution as well as other devastating effects which in turn destroy a layer of our environment.

Is Natural Gas Clean Burning?

Natural gas is a relatively clean-burning fossil fuel which means it has fewer emissions when burnt including a lower effect on air pollutants and carbon dioxide in comparison with other fossil fuels. However, although natural gases are more clean-burning it does not mean that they are more climate and eco friendly or that burning them instead of normal fossil fuels will solve our global warming problems, it is a meer decrease which yes has some advantages towards the protection of our planet but also holds many problems, disadvantages, and risks that we are yet to control. The natural gas emissions that occur naturally through construction, transportation, and storage are rather concerning for our environment.

Effects of Natural Gas

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Some natural gas risks include

Air Pollution

Although the burning of natural gases produces negligible amounts of sulfur, mercury and particulates there are still some issues of the burning of natural gases that have a negative impact on the quality of our air which leads to air pollution and many risks and problems that come along with it. The gas development can cause some serious air quality issues within the regional or local areas where it is situated as well as the hazardous effects caused by the drilling processes which also increase the number of air pollutants created. when exposed to these air pollutants released by natural gas emissions, many health problems can be encountered including respiratory issues, cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer. These are unconventional gas sites and those living in close proximity to these sites are largely in danger.

Wildfires and Improper Land Use

During the construction process, much harm can be caused to the area of land through the drilling processes, along with this one can witness harm to ecosystems in the surrounding areas, soil erosion, and disruption to migrating patterns and wildlife habitats. This can also affect marine life and water contamination from things such as chemical spills and equipment runoff.

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Overuse of Water and Pollution

There are many pollutants from natural gas and during The development of process contamination into nearby local waters is often found, this means that nearby locals will no longer have access to clean and safe drinking water as often it is found to have been affected by chemicals produced through the drilling and extraction processes. The occurrence of natural and radioactive gases such as methane are in many cases leaked into water supplies such as wells in which the water is then deemed undrinkable, this not only affects people by marine life too, causing some serious pollution along with and overuse of water that is then contaminated, limiting water sources for nearby villages and towns. This also creates many severe health effects which if consumed in large amounts may actually be deadly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some answers to some of the more popular natural gas emission questions that might help further your understanding.

Does Natural Gas Produce Carbon Dioxide?

Natural gases produce not only carbon dioxide ( CO2) but also many other chemicals such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides all depending on the build-up and chemical composition of the gas itself and the way and ability of its burning power.

Does Natural Gas Produce Greenhouse Gases?

Natural gases in most cases procedure fewer greenhouse gases than most, emitting around half the amount of carbon in comparison to most other fossils fuels, however saying this there is one problem and one natural gas that exceeds this greenhouse gas emission amount and that is methane, methane is a greenhouse gas that is by far more potent and toxic than that of the carbon dioxide released in the burning of fossil fuels.

Does Natural Gas Cause Pollution?

Natural cases cause a few different types of pollution, such as air pollution and water pollution which each cause damage and harsh negative impacts on our environment. while some of these are caused or may we cause through accidents others are frequently occurring and created some devastating effects on our environment, human life and the lives of marine and wildlife animals. For this so-called believed clean energy source, there are a lot of risks associated which may be more harmful than we think.

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