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Necessary Things for Eco-Conscious Homeowner

Jul.31.2020 297 view review
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We manage our household following our inner world and lifestyle. An eco-conscious householder will give preference to eco-friendly and healthy household detergents and supplies, while a regular customer will stick to accustomed consumption patterns.

Our daily life implies the usage of numerous cleaning agents, household accessories, daily items such as packages, bottles, containers, cutleries, and many others.

Only a few people realize and pay attention to the fact that our household routine seriously affects the environment. The amount of consumables that we use and emit annually is enormous, and if you decided to have an eco-friendly house, a lot of changes must be implemented.

It is not necessary to overturn your life in one moment, but the environmentally-friendly house requires original thinking and a lot of thoughtful steps. You can find sustainable ideas for your house on the Internet, watching eco-conscious bloggers or you can think by yourself, recalling in your memory, how your parents, grandparents, and ancestors had run their households.

Here’s the list of necessary things which you will need to comfortably live in the environmentally-friendly house which you can create by yourself, implementing your sustainable ideas:

Eco-Shoppers for Eco-Friendly Shopping

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Replacement of disposable plastic packages with reusable eco-shopper is the first and the easiest step towards eco-friendly housekeeping. You can carry your groceries in the shopper, put store-bought fruits and vegetables in there, or use it as your regular bag.

Eco-shoppers are minimalistic and aesthetic. They are made of simple and natural materials such as cotton. Eco-shopper will highlight your adherence to an eco-friendly and zero-waste lifestyle. Also, eco-shopper could serve as the first step towards zero-waste living because its multifunctionality could satisfy your need in disposable packages and containers.

Eco-Friendly Washcloth for Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Regular washcloths and wisps are made of low-quality foam rubber which has a short service life and decomposes into small particles. These particles are closely-related to microplastic and are a contaminant. Their presence in your kitchen presents a danger for you and your surroundings.

It will be much better to replace them with high-quality natural materials such as bust, sisal, and luffa. Sponges and washcloths, made of these materials are natural and easy-degradable. Cheap and bright-colored wisps and washcloths made of unpleasant material shouldn’t be in the kitchen of an eco-conscious person.

Reusable Cutlery and Food Containers for Your Food

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The modern state of life forces us to spend a lot of time outside our homes. We usually have lunches, brunches, and dinner at the workplace or somewhere out.

As the result, we buy and waste an incalculable number of disposable cutlery and containers such as coffee cups, straws, plastic packages, styrofoam, and plastic containers, food film, and tinfoil. You can easily avoid such wastage by implementing a few simple steps in your household routine.

First, replace all disposable packaging-related items in your kitchen with reusable and environmentally-friendly substitutes. Reusable food containers should be your primary target.

Disposable plastic containers are the main source of ready-to-go food-related plastic waste. The usage of reusable, high-quality, and handy food containers would not only prevent the extensive emitting of plastic but also will benefit your health.

Home-cooked meals are healthier and more trustworthy than ready-to-go food. Also, you can carry your own coffee cup with you to avoid unreasonable usage of disposable coffee cups. Coffee shops will be glad to fill your cup and may even offer you a discount for that.

Unwrapped Goods can save our Planet from Plastic

The most effective substitution of plastic packaging is its absence. If you will buy unwrapped goods, carrying them in your own containers, there will be no need to think about the consequences of your consumption or how to neutralize or compensate for environmental harm.

It is a simple thought but still, very effective. You can buy unwrapped food everywhere no matter where you live – in a big city or out in the country.

Local markets are pervasive as well as food shops which offer the possibility to use your own containers and bags. Whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, tea, coffee, and even different liquids could be stored and carried in reusable containers.

Of course, pre-packed foods and goods are handier and more accustomed but once you will try to do without disposable and unnecessary packaging, you feel how easy and pleasant an eco-friendly lifestyle is.

Wooden Tableware and Cutlery for Your Dining Room

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Wood is considered the most eco-friendly and safe material for household items. Even the highest-quality plastic and metals can’t compete with wood. Your wooden cutlery and tableware could be made of different types of wood: pine, bamboo, birch, and others.

Wooden cutlery is safe for teeth because metal spoons, knives, and forks damage tooth enamels. Wooden tableware and cutlery don’t violate and impoverish the taste of dishes. Wood isn’t toxic while plastic cutlery and tableware could leave micro-particles of plastic everywhere in your kitchen, even in your food.

Natural Cleaning Supplies for Cleaning in Your House

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We use enormous amounts of cleaning agents, liquid soaps, chemicals, and other supplies which help us to cherish hygiene and maintain cleanliness. But at what cost? Dangerous and toxic chemical compounds, sulfates, chlorines, titanium-rich zeolites cause serious harm to our health and the environment. They pollute water bodies, soil and damage the flora, and fauna of the nearest territories. Polluted water will reach the ocean one day and then, after evaporation, will fall with the rain on the Earth again. Soap, vinegar, sodium, mustard powder, essential oils, and lemon juice will help you to deal with the dirtiest place of your house.

Eco-sustainability and green living are possible because now we have the possibility to live an environmentally-friendly life by keeping our house eco-sustainable and green. Ideas of green living shouldn’t be limited by the kitchen walls.

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