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Nemo, a new peacock spider, was found in Australia

Mar.31.2021 181 view review

The cute-looking peacock spider was named after Nemo. Maratus who is only the size of a grain of rice and just over 4mm long, was discovered by a citizen scientist in South Australia. The new species was named for its iridescent orange and white stripes, which scientists say are used to attract a mate during courtship.

Maratus was discovered by Sheryl Holliday, a citizen of South Australia. “This species is widespread”- Holliday claimed. But she could not identify the spiders as any particular species. “When I saw its orange-red face I knew it had to be something new. I hadn’t seen anything like it before”- she said.

Holliday shared the photos, hoping someone could identify them. And these images caught Schubert’s attention. By today 92 species of peacock spiders exist- up from 15 in 2011.

“I think the peacock spiders caught the attention of people because they really look cute, compared to other spiders. And you don’t recognize it as a hunter”- the researcher says.

Spiders can be found in people’s houses, climbing on the walls. And they are big enough to scary some people. Although spiders can bite, they are not considered dangerous to humans. Some Australians even don’t mind spiders living at their house because they eat different pests.

By this moment, only 30 percent of habitants of Australia’s nature are officially documented. And this means we could lose species before we even know they exist, the researchers say.

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