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New Coal Plants Will Never Pay Off According to Statistic Study

Jun.29.2020 248 view review
coal-fired power station

Coal-fired power plants were used for decades to provide cities and villages with electricity. But now their era came to an end according to a new statistical study. The rapid development of green energy puts under question the very existence of these plants.

More and more solar, wind, hydro power plants are built crowding out obsolete energy. Although hydropower plants are extremely expensive, their efficiency is extremely high. Wind and solar power plants become cheaper by the day and according to a recent statistical study, it’s cheaper to build a wind or solar power plant than build modern coal-fired power station.

This modern invention will never pay off

ecological threats

In other words, these new plants will never pay off due to the affordability and efficiency of alternative energy sources. Most countries will find it cheaper to build green energy power plants by 2022 which will put coal-fires energetically under tremendous crisis.

Coal-fired energy threatens the environment with harmful and destructive factors such as landscape destruction , greenhouse gas emissions, and toxic exhausts. All these factors destroy our ecosystem and influence our health, animals, the condition of soil, water and air. Burned coal releases a huge dose of CO2. As you know it causes harm to climate and ecosystem.

Smog, destruction, combustion products that dangerous for health precipitations make new plants dangerous for the global society and the planet itself. Nature resource depletion makes coal a rare and expensive resource use and mining of which requires big and risky investments.

Today, coal is an expensive, dirty, and rare resource

how coal-fired power destroy the nature

Green energy sources provide unlimited and environmentally-friendly energy that doesn’t imply mining works and atmosphere and land pollution.

More than a thousand new coal-fired power plants are currently built and have attracted investments at the rate of six hundred and forty billion dollars. But these investments will never pay off.

Energetic companies, banks, and private investors try to reduce their investments in coal-fired energy. Return on investments in coal-fired power-plants is possible only within fifteen years and by that time the world society may renounce fossil-fueled energy completely. We need to find out the best solution, because natural recourses cannot be used forever.

Rapid reduction of coal-fired energy market share allowed keeping CO2 pollution at the 2019 level and the upcoming increase of the use of green energy will help to preserve the Earth’s climate on the safest possible levels. Eco-friendly production and lifestyle have to be usual thing in 21 century. We have taken too much from our nature without any gratitude and respect, now it is time to change this awful tendency and start new life with new ambitions.

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