Green is CoolRecyclingNew Eco-Bricks Made Of Recycled Materials Are Ten Times More Eco-Efficient Than Conventional Bricks

New Eco-Bricks Made Of Recycled Materials Are Ten Times More Eco-Efficient Than Conventional Bricks

Jul.12.2020 435 view review
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Investors never cease to surprise the global community with their inventions. Kenoted Ltd. Decided to change traditional construction methods.

Its latest invention – K-Briq is intended to reduce CO2 emissions during the production of construction brick ten times. K-briq is made of used building materials and the remains of deconstructed buildings.

Kenoted Ltd. Had produced three thousand K-briqs which had shown their ecological and functional efficiency. The production of the burnt clay brick emits vast amounts of CO2 and requires ten times more electro-energy than the production of K-briqs.

Kenoted Ltd. is a daughter company of Heriot-Watt University, Scotland. Kenoted Company plans to produce three million K-briqs which have demonstrated their advantages over conventional bricks.

K-briqs have the same functional qualities as regular bricks have. They have better heat insulation characteristics, the same weight, and «behavior» during the construction.

Construction works, production of building materials, and inefficient logistics have a great impact on the environment. Production of building materials that involves previously untouched natural resources badly destroys the Earth’s landscape, the soil, and the Earth’s crust.

K-briq will allow producing new, high-quality building materials without causing serious harm to the environment.

The majority of construction bricks are imported to Scotland from England and the nearest countries. Kenoted Ltd. made an arrangement with Hamilton`s Waste & Recycling to produce K-briqs specifically in Scotland. This agreement would reduce logistical and transportation costs which will benefit our planet even more.

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