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New Temperature Record Could Be Reached by 2024

Aug.11.2020 264 view review
irreversible changes

Planet’s heating is gaining momentum according to scientists and looking at the scale of our consumption habits and how we exploit Earth’s natural resources, it seems real.

Only a few decades ago, Global Warming was perceived as something distant and unreal but now a new temperature record could be reached by 2024. Earth heats up rapidly and within the next four years, the mark of one and a half degrees of Celsius could be bypassed, causing irreversible climate changes and natural events.

Our planet is one degree Celsius warmer than during the pre-industrial age

glaciers melting

The further heating is related to the almost unstoppable process of Climate Change that will end up as natural disasters, sea-level rise, droughts, and other negative consequences.

The Paris Agreement was conducted to develop a global plan, according to which, governments are forced to control CO2 emissions and take measures to reduce the environmental harm caused by their economies by 2050. Also, the Paris Agreement defines the maximum level of the planet’s heating but now, the specified temperature maximum could be reached by 2024.

Irreversible changes in nature’s world

the consequences of global warming

The planet’s temperature should be dropped by two degrees Celsius to diminish all the environmental and global harm of human activity. Anthropogenic factors such as greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions significantly increase Earth’s temperature levels, causing irreversible changes in nature’s world.

Global Warming tangibly affects the human population too. Abnormal heat, droughts, glaciers melting, reduced freshwater reserves, and oceans’ desalination make living harder and more competitive. People worldwide should unite and take action to slow down and stop the Global Warming process.

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