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No Matter How Old Your Child Is, Introduce Him to an Ecologically Correct Way of Life

Mar.09.2021 158 view review
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As far as we all know, the climate crisis is the biggest problem for all humanity now. And the world should try to cope with it to ensure a happy future for the children. So, when and how to talk with children about the values of ecology?

We have interviewed some parents who have already faced this issue. “I took special courses a few years ago and it inspired me”- says Lorelai Weizmann the mother of two children Yogev and Mika. After their birth, she became a member of the worldwide popular movement “Zero Waste” and then she decided to change the way of their family life. Now she teaches her children to treat the environment with love and care, looking at her example. For instance, before going shopping, they always take eco-bags from home in order not to use plastic bags. At this age, it is easy for children to develop habits- the woman explains. She also buys already-used toys for children and they are still happy. The fact is that when they have a certain number of toys, they enjoy playing with one for a long time and don’t constantly switch to others. They learn how to appreciate things. And when we go for a walk, we pick up the garbage left by us. And if another family next to us sees we are doing things differently, their children join and begin to collect rubbish with us.

Another mother of two daughters and a psychiatrist Dr. Yael Levi-Feinberg have also been interested in environmental problems for many years and even took part in demonstrations with her eldest daughter. The main idea is to unite all people in the world and bring about change. In their house, the family sorts and recycles waste.

When it comes to anxiety in young children about the climate crisis, understanding the issue is still important. Moreover, when children know they can do something to help, they are more involved and interested.

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