Green is CoolClimateNow the Climate Clock shows the increasing of using of renewable energy sources

Now the Climate Clock shows the increasing of using of renewable energy sources

Apr.21.2021 255 view review
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The second set of numbers has been added to the Climate Clock display, showing a growing percentage coming from natural sources such as the sun and wind. The numbers on the façade of a building located in New York’s Union Square were invented by two artists and activists to educate people about the need to decrease carbon emissions.

Several months ago, Andrew Boyd and Gan Golan, redesigned a familiar to everyone clock. And now, instead of estimating the time of day, it measures the remaining time, according to some estimates, to decrease emissions and stop some of the consequences of global warming.

On Sunday, one of the project participants made some changes to the electronic display, which now shows the amount of energy in the world coming from renewable sources. It grows, but slowly.

The clock display change matched with Earth Day, which will take place on Thursday. The creators still believe that the climate is in critical condition and want to attract public attention to renewable energy sources. “It’s nice to receive positive climate news. This is what the ecological community can be proud of”, it was stated.

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