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Octopuses can have two different states of sleep and experience dreams

Mar.29.2021 140 view review

The octopus is probably the most unusual and intelligent invertebrate creature. And besides the fact that it has eight limbs, three hearts, and blue blood, it can experience a state of sleep. Basically, these are two persistent and alternating dreams.

A recent study by Brazilian scientists, which was published on Thursday, explains that this unique animal can have dreams. Although before it was already known that octopuses sleep and are able to change their color in a dream. In a new study, the researchers discovered that these changes of color are connected with octopuses’ two different dream states: so-called “quiet sleep” and “active sleep.”

Through “quiet sleep” the octopus stays unmovable, with pale skin and characteristic tightened pupils. And when experiencing “active sleep”, on the contrary, it tends to change the color and texture of its skin and starts to move both of its eyes. In the first case, the sleeping process usually lasted nearly seven minutes, and in the other- less than a minute.

Scientists are trying to understand better the origin and evolution of sleep. The researchers note that the tests which were held have shown that octopuses also have learning abilities and can even solve problems.

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