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One of The Two Icelandic Whaling Companies Will Be Closed

May.07.2020 239 view review
whaling companies might be closed

One of the two Icelandic whaling companies IP-Utgerd will be closed this year. Gunnar Jonsson – IP-Utgerd’s managing director announced it.

This decision was made for moral reasons. Gunnar has said that he «Doesn’t want to hunt and kill innocent creatures anymore and this business will be closed forever». There were only two whaling companies in Iceland and now there’s only one left.

This news was greeted with great joy and animal rights protectors are celebrating another victory. This year will be the second safe year for Icelandic whales. The second Icelandic whaling company Hvalur announced that this year whaling will be suspended. It is the first and of great importance step towards eco-friendly future.

Iceland was forced to cancel whaling due to the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing have played their roles too. Hvalur couldn’t run its business during the quarantine although COVID-19 restrictions were loosened in Iceland recently. Icelandic media network RUV have announced that Iceland was forced to cancel whaling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That suspension could become permanent if animal right protectors and environmental protection organizations could affect the cessation of whaling in Iceland.

It is not a surprise that environmental protection organizations crave so much to stop whaling companies. Although whaling is a traditional craft in Iceland and the diet in Nordic Countries consists mostly of fish many people support its cessation.

Whaling viciously harms the environment and marine habitats

Whales population is rapidly shortening and fishermen kill thousands whales annually. Human’s cruelty doesn’t have any boundaries. Animals cannot be protected by themselves, money rule the people’s mind. In addition to the cruelty and gluttony, people pollute oceans with combustion products and other wastage. How many tones of oil and other harmful substances were spoiled into the water? It is even difficult to answer, because the number is extremely huge and terrifying.

Harpooning couldn’t be called a humane way of fishing also. Wounded whale experiences terrible suffering while being harpooned and dragged to the ocean’s surface then he slowly dies from blood loss and internal injuries.

Whales absorb vast amounts of CO2 which help to reduce the atmosphere’s pollution. Global moratorium on whaling banned whaling in 1986 but Iceland killed more than a thousand and a half whales since then. This moratorium is ignored by two more countries: Norway and Japan.

Whaling had been an integral part of Iceland’s economy and social life since the ancient times. Whale fat, teeth, meat and baleen was the main sources of income for Icelandic settlers which were vikings descender.

Abundance of whales near Icelandic coast provided rapid economic growth and survival of unstable settlements in cold and harsh climates. But now the world has changed and Icelandic economy doesn’t depend on whaling. Whales are magnificent and decent creatures which were an integral part of ocean’s life for millions of years. We have to stop killing whales, cause their population is constantly shortening, it is a huge harm for natural ecosystem.

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