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Oumuamua may actually be a part of another planet

Mar.19.2021 226 view review

The mysterious space object that scientists have been discussing since its discovery in 2017 is likely a breakaway part of a Pluto-like planet.

A pancake-shaped space object called Oumuamua is believed to be a fragment of a distant planet in another solar system, according to a new study. “Until now, we have not had the opportunity to find out if there are planets like Pluto in other solar systems, but now we know it”- the authors of the new study say.

The study says Oumuamua is likely composed of solid nitrogen, like Pluto’s surface, which explains its unusually flat shape. “It was probably knocked off the surface by a collision about half a billion years ago”-astronomers supposed.

Oumuamua in Hawaiian means “messenger”, flew past our Sun in 2017. Scientists have been trying for a long period of time to classify an object that somewhat resembled a comet, but had other very unusual features.

Harvard professor Avi Loeb previously believed that the space object could be something alien, although this hypothesis has been disputed. “Everyone is interested in aliens, but it is a fact that this first object outside the solar system will make people think of aliens”- he said.

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