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Our Mental Health Suffers Because Of Air Pollution

Aug.24.2020 290 view review
how air pollution affects people

It is not a secret that it is much healthier to live out of big cities where the air is purer and better and CO2 emissions don’t harm our health on a daily basis. Although it is a common opinion, most people continue to migrate and move to crowded and stuffed cities, experiencing numerous negative health effects of urban lifestyle. Environment affects mental health a lot and mental degradation is only one of many negative factors of urban lifestyle.

Environmental causes of schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety are varied

How Environment Affects Mental Health

Cities are overloaded with cars, buses, trains, and two-wheeled motor transport. Each transport unit emits big numbers of CO2, used motor oil, soot, aldehydes, carcinogenic substances, and others.

Exhaust gases threaten our health very much. The city population breathes in mentioned above chemical compounds every day. Recent researches have shown that high-polluted air can reduce human life by up to fifteen years.

Many chronic diseases could be caused by the constant breathing of polluted and contaminated air. In recent research, the World Health Organization has noted that polluted urban air can cause cardiovascular diseases, respiratory illnesses, and cancer. If you live in a stuffed and polluted exhaust gas area, your organism will be exposed to a bigger risk than if you were smoking.

The continuous effect of contaminated air can cause various mental health disorders according to scientists

Environmental Causes of Mental Disorders

Depression and bipolar disorder are the most common of them. It is not known if contaminated air is the root cause of these disorders but it is known that polluted air is responsible for the deterioration of human mental health.

People who live in dense, saturated with motor transport urban areas have higher rates of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. Thus, the urban population has more chances (27 percent) to have a bipolar disorder than suburban or rural populations. Rates of depression are also prevailing among the urban population. Anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression, and suicide are closely linked with air pollution too.

Cognitive ability also suffers a lot due to air pollution. Aggressive chemical compounds harm the brain. Chinese researchers have conducted a study in order to analyze the cognitive abilities of the population that is exposed to highly polluted air. It showed that those people have lower brain abilities and lower mathematical and verbal test results than people who live in less crowded and purer areas.

Thus, polluted air harms our health a lot. Motor transport, factories, heating systems, and, in general, all generators of CO2 emissions threaten our health a lot. There’s a strong need to make the urban environment safer and to find eco-friendly alternatives to accustomed means of transportation and goods production.

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