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Keeping Octopus as Pets, Is It Legal? What Is It Like to Have a Pet Squid

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So many people nowadays are choosing to adopt and or care for alternate pets to the typical cats and dogs, who are highly domesticated animals but for alternative and almost fantastical reasons more and more people are keeping octopus, monkeys, large lizards, and even baby lions as their pets. The most sort after pet s of right now is the octopus since famous YouTubers and TV personalities have had or even joked about having a pet octopus so have their loyal followers followed in a suit of what they have to and thus the begging question still remains “can you own an octopus ?” or better yet is it actually right to own an octopus. In this article, we will be looking at the legalities behind owning an octopus as well as what it would entail for the owner.

Can You Have an Octopus as a Pet?

Before we even get into what it means to have an octopus as a pet and whether it’s even a viable and ethical option, can you actually do it? While octopuses are one of the most beautiful and most intelligent creatures in our marine they also come with a lot of complications that are not necessarily visible to the eye. Having a fish tank and seeing something as rare as an octopus swimming around is many people’s dreams and almost ideal “I’ve made it “scenario, is it the best thing you can do for an octopus and its life? Octopus care is where the hardship of a pet octopus really comes in as you have to be 100 percent dedicated to your new little addition and really adhere to its needs if it has any chance of survival. Although keeping a pet octopus sounds kind of intense and out there, it is in fact an easy pet to have due to its ability to so quickly and efficiently adapt to its surroundings.

Is It Legal To Own an Octopus?

can you have an octopus as a pet

Before we discuss further the types of pet octopus you can have let’s get a better understanding of the legalities attached to the prospect of owning an octopus. It is legal to have a pet octopus, however, these allowances come with many rules and guidelines. If you do choose to keep an octopus as a pet, there are many things you have to have set up and already in place in order to do so. For example, the size of the tank, the Ph level of the water, the level of salinity, and even the temperature all need to be in perfect condition for the octopus to live and for you to even think of investing in one as a pet.

Another thing to consider before adopting an octopus as a pet is the multitude of costs that are involved in doing so. Octopuses are no cheap investment, however, the prices of the octopus itself do vary depending on where you choose to get it. However, to avoid later complications with your pet octopus, finding a good and professional source is extremely important and ideal for the health and well-being of the octopus. The octopus alone can cost you anywhere between 30 and 100 dollars depending on what type of species it is. On top of this, you will need to pay for a tank that is big enough to house your octopus and its spatial needs which can cost anywhere up from 300 dollars. As well as this you will additionally need to pay for the food the octopus will eat which is live prey costing around 100 dollars a month. So one pretty hefty fee for a pet squid if I do say so myself.

How To Care for an Octopus

When it comes to having a pet as intelligent as an octopus, if you’re even slightly thinking of keeping such a rarety as a pet you do need to know exactly what and how much goes into caring for such a creature. There are many intricate details about an octopus that often remain unknown until it is taken and kept in captivity. Caring for a pet octopus takes time and money as well as a lot of research and investment in the species. A few things you need to know when it comes to caring for an octopus are :

The Tank

The home for your octopus is very important and must meet the octopus needs exactly. Firstly they need a tank made with formations that closely resemble the wild and unpredictable life within the ocean. They need elements in which they can hide behind such as rocks and shells. Because of the octopus’s high metabolism, the water in the tank also needs to have a high oxygen level with string filtration. The water also needs to be cleaned very often to the fact that the octopus will shed its skin in the water.


Lighting in the tank is another element that needs to be seen too. The tank cannot have harsh lighting of any kind and must be kept away from sunlight.

Water In the Tank

The water that goes into your octopuses home is extremely detailed and preferential, the temperature will be based on the exact species you choose to get but most commonly ranges from about 60degress to 80 degrees. As well as this the ph needs to be at 8.2 with ammonia at zero. These levels need to be exact because if not, you will, unfortunately, land up actually killing your pet octopus.

Pet Octopus Facts and Information

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Some other important things to take note of before getting a pet octopus to include:

How Long Do Octopuses Live In Captivity?

A pet octopus’s lifespan is different from the lifespan of an octopus in the wild. In captivity, an octopus will only live anywhere between 1 and 5 years, which is especially short and mostly due to their reproductive strategy.

Are Octopuses Friendly to Humans?

Another important aspect of having a pet octopus is how they will interact with you. Octopus are not like cats and dogs, they can’t be called or cuddled and prefer to live behind the scenes. They are extremely intelligent and very playful especially with one another. They are known to have been able to create a bond with humans, but this really depends on the type of species you are housing as each is different and has its own way of being.

At the End of the Day

At the end of the day, it is important to take a lot of time and effort before deciding whether having a pet octopus is a viable option for you and your exact lifestyle as they require an extreme amount of care and exact attention to detail. The truth is octopuses will always thrive better within their natural environment in the ocean and if we can avoid keeping them as pets in our home it is a wise idea to do so.

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