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Is Your Drinking Water Actually Dangerously Filled with Pharmaceutical Pollution?

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We all know that pollution is a very real and dangerous effect our planet is currently facing, we know about the main causes of such pollution and how devastating its consequences can be, but what about the pharmaceutical companies and the drugs in drinking water that they produce? Otherwise known as drug pollution, the waste products emitted by the various large pharmaceutical companies around the world have actually wreaked a series of havoc around the cleanness and safety of the water we drink. It is a hidden side of the medicine in drinking water that has caused mass amounts of concern around the environmentalists, activists, scientists, and researchers of today, and here is the information they have found out about pharmaceutical pollution and its effects on the environment and its inhabitants.

Pharmaceutical pollution in the environment

As the pollution of the world continues to increase so has the number of pharmaceutical companies and the amount of products and resources they use in order to help the majority of the population. While this development is great for our future and our health and wellbeing, the same cannot be said for the state of our environment. The drugs that are used nowadays are filled with toxic chemicals that are efficient for healing, but the disposable and harmful aspect of them is actually causing a large amount of pollution especially the pharmaceutical pollution in water seen today. In most of these cases, we s the population does not understand nor know the effects of the pharmaceutical in water, yet we should be aware of the consequences it may bring to us.

The pharmaceutical pollutants in water

Would you believe it if I told you the water coming out of your tap is toxic and full of harmful chemicals and pollutants? Well for many people this is the reality of their situation. The problem is that pharmaceutical companies have to dispose of their waste products, however, their power plants don’t have the ability to filter out any chemicals before they are emitted into the water streams such as lakes, rivers, streams, and eventually the water that runs out of our taps. Many of the water supplies seen in rural areas have been found to contain traces of prescription medication such as birth control, antidepressants, painkillers, and anti-epileptics, which over time consumption may prove to be extremely harmful to one’s system.

The many pharmaceuticals in water supply surrounding us

drugs in drinking water

The pollutants found in our freshwater supplies do not just and there by accident, there are many causes to why this problem occurs, and here are some examples.

How we use the drugs of today

The way we ingest and expel the drug use of today plays a very important role in the pollution that occurs. We only metabolize a small amount of the ingested drug, and the remainder is sweated out or excreted through urine and feces, which eventually lands up contaminating our freshwater supply.


Health care institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes play a massive role in the pharmaceuticals found in drinking water, this is because in many circumstances drugs land up being flushed down toilets or the drain.

Drug manufactures

Drug manufactures of all kinds and magnitudes are responsible for a portion of the pharmaceutical pollution we see today, with many guilty of ridding drugs into landfills and waste cartons they are bound t make their way into our waters.

The effects of pharmaceuticals in water

medicine in drinking water

Whilst there are many causes as to why pharmaceutical in drinking water can be found, there are also many effects and consequences of such pollution which include :

Fish and marine life

Medication containing hormones is extremely dangerous for aquatic life and can actually alter the Oestrogen levels which then affects the male and female species and can even alter behaviors. Other medications can also affect the brain function, development, and reproduction abilities of marine life too.

Drinking water

The largest effect of pharmaceutical pollution is the pharmaceutical in tap water, drinking water, and freshwater resources. The chemicals from pharmaceutical products land up in our waterways and eventually into the water we drink today. Because the amounts are so minimal and barely traceable no action is being taken on removing such chemicals from our waters and so we are indirectly ingesting harmful chemicals that are not needed for our bodies. It is said that the ingestion of such compounds can be harmful to our health system and can cause severe illness and disease very unexpectedly.

As you can see the pharmaceutical pollution that appears to be seen in the water we consume today can and has already caused some very unjust problems. In order to better manage this, we can control how we ingest and dispose of the drugs in our homes, don’t flush them down the drain or through them in the bin.

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