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oil pipeline issues


Pipelines although often not clearly visible to us run through many various parts of major cities in large quantities, and although they serve a much-needed purpose they do come with some very scary and quite dangerous risks as well as many negative effects of pipelines that cause destruction towards our health and most drastically our environment. Pipelines are built to carry various liquid products from one location to another, however, this all happens organically and underground in what most of us don’t really understand but is actually quite a completed and particular process. One of the major risks that are associated with pipelines is all dependant on the substance that is being carried, this can range from simple things such as running water to more volatile substances such as feces. The size, shape, and weight of the substances being transported have been seen to have previously caused injuries, damage to properties, a negative environmental impact, and some serious human health violations.


why the pipeline should not be built

So what really makes these underground tunnels such a bad factor and why has it been deemed so dangerous and high risk? Well, there are many reasons for this, in fact, more than what one might be happy with, especially knowing there may be some right above your head or below your feet.

However, the main damage caused by pipelines is towards our beloved environment in which we are greatly trying to protect and save. Some liquids that are carried through by pipelines include propane which if leaked in the right environment can cause some serious explosions and fires that are almost uncontrollable, this has already been witnessed in the past and on many occasions have caused some serious harm to wildlife, nature, and of course humans and even cities. But the on of the largest and most dangerous issues of pipelines is the effect it has on our freshwaters, leakage of hazardous pipeline liquids into our freshwater sources, oceans, seas, and rivers have been seen to contaminated such waters, often killing large amounts of marine life such as fish as well as create contaminated water that becomes undrinkable and dangerous for human health.


Oil pipeline issues are far and why and are one of the worst pipelines to exist in terms of the danger and negative impact it causes on our environment. Oil spills that have been leaked through pipelines have already caused some seriously damaging issues on our environment and our planet as a whole. Oil is not only a deadly source especially for the wide variety of marine life that die every single year as a result of tragic oil spills but it completely destroys our water sources and the perfect cycle created that allows nature to work in the way it does. This also contaminated drinking water for thousands of people in the nearby communities as well as adds drastically to the constant struggle we are facing with climate change and global warming as a result of the burning of fossil fuels.


oil pipeline problems
  • There are two types of oil pipelines – crude oil pipeline and product pipeline
  • They are transported using steel pipelines
  • They are bent and not straight in shape


Here are a few past examples of the devastating effects that pipelines can have.


So what is the Dakota Access pipeline and why is dapl bad?The Dakota Access pipeline is a massive project being administered in Dakota, USA it aims to be one of the largest running pipelines that transport oil all over the city. But while this may be an efficient solution for those working in this particular kind of business and trade it screams horror for its impact on our environment and overall climate change. The aim of the DAPL project is to create a large amount of crude oil import and exportation in a very short amount of time but this does not in any way mean it is helpful, not for the farmer’s whos crops are at risk of being destroyed, not for the environment as an excessive amount of fossil fuels are being burnt and not for the safety and conservation of ou planet that is suffering many unforeseen consequences as a result of actions such as this. This has been protested by millions of Americans who believe it is a hazardous, unsafe, and damaging project for the USA.


why are oil pipelines bad

Keystone pipeline is yet another example of such danger and hazard that pipelines may cause to the environment. The keystone pipeline is a carefully created system that allows oil pipes to run from Canada all the way down the Golf Coast. This was done in an attempt to increase oil revenue and up the chances of import and export trade as well as the desired profit margin, it will create. However although this type of innovation has received some praise there are many harsh side effects too, these include pollution, death in a large number of animals, destruction for already endangered animals disrupt the migration process of birds including cranes, harm our soil making it infertile.

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