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Plant Power Day 2021

Mar.07.2021 186 view review
plant power day 7 march

Plant power day is all about celebrating the many benefits that plants have to offer us. This power day encompasses everything about plants and how not only do they benefit nature and our environment but our bodies and the health of our bodies too. Nowadays veganism and vegetarianism are all the hype, with people sharing the amazing results they’ve received through plants, social media promoting their use and so much more plants and plant-based foods have really taken over the culinary industry. On plant power day it’s all about not only enjoying plant foods in abundance but also celebrating their contribution as well as bringing awareness to others who may be less educated on their benefits.

Plant Power Day

plant power day 2021

Plant Powerday is a recent brought about holiday that of course was created by strong vegan activists themselves. However baring this in mind one must remember that plant-powered eating has been around for many many years, originally people consumed a variety of plant-based foods for medicinal purposes claiming that they had healing powers and could cure illnesses, while this may not be 100 percent correct there is most definitely a fraction of it that makes complete sense. Keratin plants contain vital minerals and nutrients that can help with deficiencies as well as other ailments including fatigue, muscle soreness, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Nowadays we see this industry plummeting high as vegan and vegetarian restaurants and stores open up all over the world, strongly promoting the diet and lifestyle for many reasons apart from health. New discoveries and information have shown how eating a largely vegan diet can actually make the planet a lot more sustainable and be a big part of saving and preserving the remainder for the future. This is an amazing thing for the globe as the more veganism is followed the less the demand for the meat and dairy industry will be.

What Day Is Power On?

what is trite food

Plant power day 7 March will be observed and celebrate this year. This power plant day has occurred on the same date every year since 2019 where it was first celebrated in the United States but since has spread to many other countries around the globe including England and Canada. Plant day was actually created by the plant-based milk company Alpro, whose goal is to make plants the star of every meal and rid the idea that they are aside, not a meal. Alpro was one of the first companies to create plant-based milk alternatives, sauces, creams, and desserts that are available in almost every supermarket all around the world. Alpro’s all-inclusive range means that switching to veganism is made easy and delicious too. Alpro has teamed up with many vegan creators, writers, chefs, and influencers in order to make this day big, loud and bold.

How to Celebrate Plant Power Day?


On this day power plant day is celebrated in many different ways by foodie enthusiasts, plant-based chefs, restaurants, and activists all around the world. While there are many different ways to observe this holiday Alpro themselves recommended their own personal celebration activity. They suggest holding something known as a ‘planquet’ , which is a play on a banquet but with plants as the center of attention. The recommendation of a planquet means that one can hold a big plant-based, plant-powered feast in which they share their love for vegan food with those they love as well as help share how good plant-based food can actually taste and make you feel. Alpro even teamed up with famous vegan recipe company BOSH! To create an, over the top extravagant vegan meal which they call “the vegan supper club”. They used this concept as inspiration to others and as a guide for people to follow along and join in. The goal of this day is to convert more and more people to live a plant-based lifestyle. By inviting friends and family to join you in your banquet you may have the opportunity to play a role in the betterment of their lives and their future, nevermind the future of our planet too. Some other ways to celebrate this day include

  • Spreading the word via social media
  • Using the hashtags #PlantPowerDay or #PlantPower
  • Create new recipes
  • Try plant-based foods you have never tried before
  • Bring plant-based goods to those you love
  • Educate others on the benefits of following a plant-based diet
  • Share your creations online to help inspire others
  • Support local vegan restaurants and stores in your area
  • Donate to organizations that are helping to promote veganism on a larger scale
  • Celebrate your meals with joy and highlight plants as the center of each meal

Frequently Asked Questions about Plant Power Day

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For some plant power day is quite self-explanatory however for others they may struggle with the concept and why veganism and plant power is of such importance, so to help you better understand what plant power day is and why we celebrate it here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What Are 22 Days of Plant Power?

While for some celebrating plant power for 1 day is more than enough for others they feel a longer period is needed. 22 days plant power came about when plant enthusiast highlighted the fact that changing someone in a day is hard but in 22 days their old habits can already be broken and thus some people choose to continue with a plant-based lifestyle, creating new recipes and sharing with others for the remainder of the month of March.

Why Is Plant Power Important?

Eating a plant-based diet or a partially plant-based diet such as veganism and vegetarianism can largely reduce animal cruelty, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and more. It is a contribution to the saving of our planet and as many health benefits too.

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