Green is CoolPollutionPlastic pollution is hitting communities, UN report finds

Plastic pollution is hitting communities, UN report finds

Mar.31.2021 184 view review
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The report, named, Neglected: Environmental Justice Impacts of Plastic Pollution, was created by the UN Environment Programme together with the grassroots environmental organization, Azul. The conclusions are aimed to empower communities that were harmed by plastic garbage.

Environmental justice means instructing those who are on the verge of plastic pollution about its risks. This includes decisions about production, use, and distribution.

The report demonstrates how environmental injustices are connected with plastic production, in fields such as deforestation for building roads, the relocation of aboriginal peoples to provide oil drilling. 

What’s more, the report contains warnings of health problems among African-American inhabitants living near oil factories in the Gulf of Mexico and the professional risks faced by two million trash pickers in India.

According to the report, the impacts of plastic waste are critical. And this exists at all steps of the production cycle, beginning with the production of materials and their further manufacturing, ending with consumption and disposal. Plastic waste also causes health problems among people who consume seafood literally infected with toxic plastics parts inside. 

The report asks for authorities to prioritize the needs of those who are harmed by plastic pollution. It requests for monitoring plastic waste and study better its health impacts. Moreover, people should make more investments in waste control.

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