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reasons why plastic straws should be banned

As you might have seen plastic straws are being replaced by more eco-friendly alternatives in many store-bought products and coffee shops all around the world. Due to the overuse of one-time-use plastic, the environment has suffered the effects of this non-biodegradable product, and thus in a movement to change the status and our affect on the environment banning plastic straws is a great and simple way to begin the process of reversing our effect and changing our ways to benefit the future of the planet we live on. Plastic straw bans have been seen by more and more companies with some of the biggest fast-food brands leading this “no more plastic straws” mentally in which many have begun to follow in pursuit of the praise received.


The ban on plastic straws has mainly come into effect due to the harsh effect it has on the environment and the sheer large amount of mankind uses. Big companies especially coffee joints like Starbucks and fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s give out thousands of plastic straws every day and their one-time use means they cannot be reused and have thus ended up polluting our oceans, killing large amounts of marine life as well as our streets. And you may be thinking what about recycling? Well, this is actually a big issue and a large factor as to why plastic straws should be banned and why the ban on plastic straws is spreading worldwide. Plastic straws are so small and lightweight that they don’t usually make it into the recycling sorter that is mechanically managed and thus land up in our landfills with no way of biodegrading or disposing.


The ban on plastic straws is important for the conservation of our planet and here’s why!

Since the effect of human pollution has become of high importance to governments and those in charge of running individual countries and cities has recognized the devastating effect of plastic use on the pollution of our planet and oceans in an attempt to reduce this plastic straw banned was a logical way to reduce this and any easy fix to lessen plastic consumption through bigger corporations rather than individual choices. These big cities and corporations who have introduced a ban plastic straw it has brought much need attention towards the situation and why plastic straws should be banned leading to many individuals, companies, and brands reacting in the same manner thus reducing plastic consumption by a larger more global amount.


who has banned plastic straws

The ban plastic straws movement was done strategically due to the amount of attention it received and the reliability to all citizens as plastic straws are known and used by almost everyone. plastic straws while not being the most harmful form of plastic waste are a much easier form of plastic to combat. One of the biggest reasons why Should plastic straws be banned is their devastating and harmful effect on our oceans and marine life. Tons of trash and plastic have been washed up onto beaches, entrenching our oceans and killing thousands of important marine life vital to nature’s natural cycle. Videos of these effects have made their way onto almost all social media platforms and thus an appropriate action needed to take place by those with power and so they were. And although straws are not the biggest contributor to this issue their large worldwide use means by eliminating them completely there would be a major impact on the pollution status of our oceans.


While the plastic straw ban movement is growing it is not entirely banned in every country, city, or state. In fact, Seattle in the US became the first state to ban plastic straws, not allowing vendors of any kind to give out plastic straws or utensils to its customers, following this San Francisco and New York both have recently joined this same movement and implemented similar bans of consumer plastic. But more important than a country or city or state ban is the ban lead on by big corporations as these corporations have a high influential status meaning more citizens and customers are likely to be influenced by their actions rather than that of a state government. The platform that these corporation posses make it more likely that their followers will become aware of the reasons for this ban and follow in pursuit of the same cause, in turn, bringing more knowledge to those who do not understand and ask the question “are plastic straws banned and why?” You see people will use plastic when they are given it but when the same coffee shop they visit every morning suddenly replaces their plastic straws why recyclable paper alternatives they become aware and start to understand the reasons as to why.


Now we have spoken about the impact major corporations have had by leading the banning of plastic straws movement but what companies have banned plastic straws?


plastic straws should be banned

Yes, America’s leading and most famous coffee shop chain was one of the first to jump off the bandwagon of this campaign and due to its high popularity have received global praise for its actions. They have begun taking this on by swapping out their plastic straws for paper-based ones and have recently announced their attempt to become completely strawless by inventing lids that can be drunken out of directly. All of these endeavors to help combat climate change and reduce the overall plastic consumption and pollution effects have made Starbucks a leading company in environmental change.


McDonald's paper straws

McDonald’s in the UK has too decided to make the effort in changing its use of plastic straws and have already started the process of removing all plastic straws from their stores and have too announced that they aim to be completely plastic-free in all their product packaging by the year 2025. This fast-food chain is so popular and has stores in almost every country in the world that its public act to change has brought awareness to many people who consume McDonald’s products.

Other companies that have too introduced a plastic straw ban are

  • Nandos
  • Wetherspoons
  • Pizza Express
  • Wagamama
  • Major supermarkets
  • London city airport
  • Disney
  • Hyatt
  • SeaWorld Entertainment
  • American Airlines
  • Royal Caribbean

As you can see there are many major companies that have complied with the straw ban in an attempt to bring awareness to the general population as well as decrease their contribution to plastic waste and pollution. It is of extremely high importance that companies of this magnitude make the change first as not only do they make up a large part of global plastic straw consumption but they have the ability to lead by example and create a platform for many smaller business and individuals to adopt similar changes and to introduce their own version of a plastic straw ban. Since the first major company created such a change it has been seen that leading groups and companies have followed in pursuit of decreasing their environmental effect but as well as publicly receive praise for doing so. But you can have an impact too, take a look at how many times you use and throw away plastic straws and make a note to decrease or entirely eliminate that use altogether as even this tiny change can make a huge difference.

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