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Everything you need to know about why platypus are actually mammals and more

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We’ve all heard and possibly seen the humble creature known as a platypus somewhere circling around the internet and television but what most people don’t know is that actually platypus are mammals. This fact has confused people for centuries but here’s the truth behind the animal and why they are considered to be platypus mammals.


The platypus is one of nature’s most exotic and unique animals that have baffled the brains of researchers and scientists for many many years as they are a mixture of a duck, beaver, and otter and are duck-billed platypus mammals as a result of their features such as their webbed feet, tail and body fur. The reason that platypuses are considered to be mammals is because of the fact that they have a fur coat and also feed their young with milk which puts them into the same category as elephants, dolphins, and even humans. However, at the same time, the platypus completely defies the typical features one would expect to find in other mammal classified animals as they possess features such as webbed feet, laying eggs, and producing venom. This beautiful mammal platypus can be found immersed in the fresh waters of Australia where they can be seen gracefully paddling along in search of food. The platypus is also considered to be a carnivore and is a bottom feeder, living off of insects, worms, and shellfish.


  • Platypuses don’t have stomachs.
  • Their bills give them a sixth sense, allowing them to detect electric fields.
  • Ancient platypuses used to be gigantic.
  • Platypus feeds their young by sweating out milk through their gland ducts.
  • Platypuses don’t have teeth inside their bill and collect food by shoving it into their cheeks.

As you can see this weird and wonderful animal possesses some of the world’s most unique qualities and has defined many of science’s definitions of mammals and their qualities.

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