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Polar Bears Will Die Out of Starvation in 100 Years if Nothing Will Change!

Sep.15.2020 322 view review
polar bear and cubs

Polar bears, those beautiful white bears that we all know and love could become extinct bears very soon if we do not change our ways. Global warming is destroying the planet environmentally and not only increasing the warmth in our climate but slowly killing off the inhabitants of our earth and polar bears being cold climate bears will not survive unless we change our ways to reduce the effect of our actions. As the temperature keeps rising the population of polar bears will keep decreasing, less bears will be able to survive and will starve and eventually die out.



polar bear and cub

Polar Bears inhabit cold regions across the Arctic, these regions are covered in sea ice that the polar bears use to hunt for their main source of food and make up for most of the energy they need to consume to survive for the entire year and as the ice caps that they use as their platform for finding food have melted away and a rapid rate, the bears have less time to hunt for food and are failing to provide for their cubs and as research has shown fewer and fewer are surviving as the ecosystem that lays below the melting sea ice is disappearing.

Polar bears live on the ice and use its facilities to survive, this is how they have adapted to their surroundings and now there home and all that comes with it is melting away and disappearing at an astronomical rate and unless we actively make changes now there is no stopping it and polar bears will not only first suffer and starve but they will die out, become extinct and a species of the past.


ice mountain

Polar bears are an essential part of the Arctic ecosystem chain and are beneficial for the health of the wildlife and people surrounding it, providing millions of fish to all the surrounding regions and are heavily dependent on. Without the ability to hunt for the seals underwater they will have no food and will eventually starve to death and it is our actions, a man-made climate change that is making life extremely difficult for them. Not only are they having to starve and conserve large amounts of energy to survive but the loss of the sea ice has created a mass decline in the population already, with no means to nurse cubs and no energy to find new mates their entire existence is on the brink of death and although researchers and specialists are doing the best they can to try and save what they can it’s down to us and our actions to slow the process of extinction.

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