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Polyethylene disposable bags are banned in Thailand’s retail networks

Apr.23.2020 236 view review
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Disposable bags harm our environment on a scale we cannot even imagine. Almost every product is sold in plastic packaging. And every packaging ending up in a landfill or the ocean.

You can approximately imagine how much plastic enters the environment if you think about billions and billions of products that are produced every year or even a day. Only a small percentage of plastic waste is utilizing or being recycled.

Many retail networks have tried to cut the use of disposable bags. But these efforts looked like a publicity stunt with no real changes in consumption habits.

Plastic waste emitting is one of the most serious problems in Asia, India, and Indonesia. 90 percent of plastic waste enters the oceans from several rivers.

Thailand has no land or valid infrastructure to recycle or dump all the plastic waste but certain changes were introduced.

Hypermarkets, shopping malls, retailer networks, and many other partners and facilities have voted to stop disposable bags distribution from January 2020.

Such measures should have been taken a long time ago because Thailand emits around forty billion disposable polyethylene bags into the environment each year. The harm was done long before but it is not too late to change something.

Thailand takes sixth place among the most polluting countries. Such measures show the rest of the world that it is possible to change even such strong and ingrown consumption habits.

There are many measures which should be taken to help our planet to deal with the current crisis. Banning plastic bottles, disposable bags, and packaging, plastic straws, single-use cups, and cutleries will be effective moves to prevent further contamination of the planet.

Thailand gave the world a brave and good example that it is possible to change our ways for the better.

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