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prairie dog facts information


Prairie dogs in controversy to their name are actually not dogs at all but rather small rodents that live off a herbivorous diet as they burrow for their food. They are Inhabitat the grassland biome and can be found living in North America. They are also considered to be a type of squirrel and can be found in a range of five different species known as the black-tailed, white-tailed, Gunnison’s, Utah, and the Mexican prairie dog.


There are many fun facts about prairie dogs some of which include

  • Their greatest adaptation is the way they build their homes, they strategically build tunnels are very specific angles in order to avoid flooding, they also create an additional water safe room in which they will use in the case of water entering their tunnels.
  • Prairie dogs have a very important role within the ecosystem as they provide food sources for predators and shelter for many other burrowing animals.
  • The prairie dogs’ active digging means that the soil becomes a lot more fertile allowing many plant seeds to grow and reproduce.
  • Prairie dogs only mate once a year and it lasts for just one hour where the female then produces three to eight pups which is why the population of prairie dogs appears to be so large.


prairie dog as pets facts

Prairie dogs are one of the most interesting and naturally effective animals, and your kids can easily learn about them too, and here are some facts for them.

Prairie dog as pets facts

First things first prairie dogs are so unbelievably cute you should prepare for the asking of them as a pet and if you’re seriously considering here is some important things to note

  • They are rodents.
  • They are becoming more popular as pets.
  • Their teeth never stop growing.
  • They are extremely active and playful and can make great pets when purchased straight after birth.
  • They need lots of affection.

Other fun facts

  • Prairie dogs are small, furry animals that only grow just over a foot tall.
  • Prairie dogs live in large clusters known as colonies in which they create a family and help to burrow through the ground creating many many interlinking tunnels.
  • Prairie dogs eat mainly plants, roots, seeds, grasses, and moss green leaves.
  • During the winter months, they spend most of their time in their burrows and survive off their stored fat.
  • Prairie dogs only typically live for about three to four years
  • They help many other animals such as rabbits, badgers, snakes, and weasels by giving them shelter in their burrows.
prairie dogs facts for kids

As you can see prairie dogs are not only very interesting animals; they also play an extremely important role within the ecosystem and provide a livable environment for plants and animals to survive.

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