Green is CoolPollutionRecord Numbers of Methane Were Spotted by Scientists from the Global Carbon Project

Record Numbers of Methane Were Spotted by Scientists from the Global Carbon Project

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The Global Carbon Project

The Global Carbon Project is a scientific research center that is aimed at the study of human impact on the environment and especially on the climate. Exactly the climate concerns scientists around the world the most and there’re a lot of terrifying signs of the upcoming global crisis.

The Global Carbon Project

harmful gases

One of those signs was spotted recently by the scientists from the Global Carbon Project. They spotted record numbers of methane in the atmosphere – a highly-aggressive gas that is twenty-nine times more dangerous for the environment. It is natural gas but its big concentration numbers are the root cause of the greenhouse effect.

Since our atmosphere is relatively dense, it keeps all emitted and produces surface gases under its dome. And there’s a lot of them. Carbon dioxide, methane, exhaust gases, combustion products, and many other substances pollute our atmosphere, causing global environmental problems.

A Global Crisis on Our Planet

air pollution with methane

Extensive emitting of CO2 and methane was only a problem a few decades ago but now it has become a global crisis. We can witness the destructive consequences of Global Warming and the greenhouse effect already. Glaciers’ melting, oceans’ desalination, increased temperature levels and rise of sea level manifest the beginning of irreversible events that can change our world forever.

Global Warming threatens animals, plants, and humans. As a result, Earth could become uninhabitable.

Extensive fossil fuel mining, oil production, animal farming, dumps, metallurgy, and chemical industries are primary sources of methane. For example, oil includes big numbers of methane and during oil production, all subterranean methane breaks out and enters the atmosphere.

methane in atmosphere

From the beginning of the XXI century, the numbers of released methane had increased by twelve percent, which is about forty million tons. And it’s getting worse. If nothing will happen and if humanity won’t turn its way towards eco-sustainable living, our planet will experience a tremendous crisis that would be fatal for many Earth’s ecosystems.

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