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Renault City – K-ZE – The Cheapest Electric Car Will Go For 11,000 Dollars in Europe

Jul.03.2020 296 view review
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French world-class car producer Renault released the cheapest electric car in the world in April 2020. Renault City – K-ZE was first presented in China and has caused a great stir among the public.

Renault City – K-ZE is designed as crossover and is a compact version of regular crossover cars. According to its design, there is no problems, car looks nice and cool, one more advantage is quite low cost. As this model is successful on Chinese market, it has high chances to receive the same positive attitude on European market.

Advantages of Renault City – K-ZE car

The Cheapest Electric Car

The most distinctive and striking feature of Renault City – K-ZE is its price. It was distributed on Chinese market only for eight thousand dollars. The expected price for European customers is eleven thousand dollars due the necessary adaptation and certification which need to be done. So, as you can see the price is perfect and aforable.

Renault City – K-ZE has been praised by Chinese customers and received favorable responses. Renault City – K-ZE’s electric engines have the power of forty-four horsepower and can accelerate to one hundred and four kilometers per hour.

Just imagine that its battery can last for two hundred and seventy kilometers without reloading and Renault Company continues to work on the battery’s capacity. Additional security functions and battery capacity will be added to Renault City – K-ZE model after it is adapted to European market.

Renault City – K-ZE is expected to be very welcomed by European customers due to its quality and good price. Renault Company has a great reputation and has proved to be a reliable and trustworthy car producer leaving no doubts that its new electric car model will gain wide popularity and will help to increase the use of electric cars.

European market adopts new options of eco-sustainable and affordable transport considering the growing demand for electric vehicles and other green transport. Electric cars such as Renault City – K-ZE can be used in car sharing and delivery services and also as personal transport.

Though Renault City – K-ZE’s price is relatively low this electric car can serve as a solid base for further electric car expansion. Electric cars stand for the future and more and more world-class manufacturers go green. If more and more people start using green transport, the ecosystem will be in much better condition. Let’s think and take care about our environment.

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