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Rotofarm – A Tabletop Mini-Farm for Your House

Jul.10.2020 296 view review
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Last year a Melbourne startup had presented an original and efficient idea of plants growing. A compact and autonomous mini-farm called Rotofarm can autonomously grow and take care of greens right in your kitchen.

Its framework and composition allow us to place Rotofarm on the table or on the counter. Rotofarm constitutes a hemisphere with a bright LED lamp in the middle. A cassette with barley, mint, and salad seeds will be handed to the owner of Rotofarm.

You need only to fill a water tank regularly and track the plants’ growth through an app. Vertical and mobile farms had proved their efficiency and fertility. Such farms consume ninety-five percent less water than regular farms.

Hydroponic technology allows the use of a minimum amount of soil and nourishes plants with the use of special water solutions. Hydroponic vertical farms can help to solve the problem of land scarcity and significantly reduce the number of logistic operations.

Rotofarm will allow its users to grow healthy, pesticide-free greens and grain right in the kitchen. One Rotofarm device can’t meet the needs of grains and green of one human even but it serves as an intermediate step towards autonomous household farming in big cities and populated centers.

Rotofarm devices are sold at a price of four hundred and forty dollars. Rotofarm creators hope to start serial production of their green and cutting-edge invention.

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