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Rwanda has the strictest laws against disposable plastic bags production

Apr.05.2020 350 view review
disposable plastic bags production

You will never see any plastic bag hanging from the tree or laying on the street in Rwanda. This African country has the strictest laws against plastic littering.

Border patrol arresting anyone with a pack of disposable bags that weren’t regulated by the law. Plastic bags are considered contraband in this country.

No company is allowed to produce, store, or distribute disposable bags except for a few economic branches such as the pharmacy and medicine industry. France, Italy, China, and other thirty-seven nations including Rwanda have introduced a fee for usage and distributing of disposable plastic bags.

But the toughest measures in the world were implemented by Rwanda. Transgressors who have broken the law can be imprisoned for half a year, sentenced to public works or public condemnation.

Environmental protection is the reason for such strict measures. Shop-owners can be fined for packed bread, heads of companies that illegally produce disposable plastic bags can be imprisoned for a year, and smugglers are chased by the law.

Disposable bags suffocate nature, soil, water sources, oceans, and seas. Floods, droughts, the death of numerous marine and land creatures, and nature’s contamination are only a few consequences of such littering.

Disposable bags can damage the crops by stopping the earth from absorbing the water. Hundreds of thousands of marine and land animals are dying from emitted plastic parts. The decomposition of plastic releases tremendous amounts of toxins and micro-particles into the environment.

But the Rwanda country is becoming incredibly clean. There’s no litter on the streets or on the wild land. All the population takes part in massive cleanups and police heedlessly watch for any violations.

Such law prohibition is the most effective way to stop environmental pollution. Someone would say that such measures are too radical but anyone will agree that the state of our planet requires such tough and categorical steps.

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