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San-Francisco Bay is drowning with the plastic particles as well as every city

Apr.12.2020 296 view review
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A new statistical study revealed several worrying facts about our modern society. Almost seven trillion micro-plastic particles enter San-Francisco bay annually.

And it’s not just because of plastic bottles, disposable bags, and coffee cups. Plastic enters the environment because of all spheres of human life. Laundering, cooking, driving, clothes shopping, and food packaging are the reasons for such pollution too.

Most plastic particles enter San-Francisco bay through downspouts and sewers. These particles are being washed down from all the households in the city ending up in the bay and then going straight to the ocean not mentioning the rest of the plastic waste.

Most of them enter the bay through the sewers. All garbage from streets, sidewalks, and roadways go into the sewage system entering the bay. Ocean current will spread this waste across the ocean causing multiple and complex troubles to the whole ecosystem.

That problem is common among coastal cities. New-York, Boston, Miami share the same issue.

Plastic pollution is a widespread problem. And there are some measures which were developed and are ready to be implemented. Banning plastic straws, disposable bags and single-use coffee cups are only a few of them.

Filtering systems and drainages will prevent such littering of the bays with plastic particles. This is only a drop in the ocean. But the ocean consists of drops.

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